Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Question Of Honesty

Greetings, Constant Reader!

I'd like to put a question out, gender specific. Think about it and if you dare, comment accordingly. Take all the space you need, I'd really appreciate details.


If you had no choice: Would you kill your child to save your beloved lover's life?


If you had no choice: Would you kill your mother to save your beloved lover's life?

For those without children or lovers, pretend.

Thank you for anyone answering this, I know it's painfully honest but that's what I'm asking for.

Friday, September 11, 2009


On September 11, 2001, 10,000 new lives were born into the world. "Recordor vita, veneratio nex"

Monday, September 7, 2009

More Alive Than Earth

Right here in our Galaxy - actually in our Sol-system, it's that close. And more alive than earth.

One of the moons of Jupiter, it's called Io and is alive with volcanic activity surpassing any found in our sol-system.

Io is covered in mountains, and an atmosphere composed of sulfur and sulfur dioxide frost - unlike most of our system's satellites. Io is basically one giant constant volcano. Above are the moons of Jupiter: Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. The most promising for life is Europa which resembles our arctic and contains a subsurface ocean. Left is a direct downward look into an active volcano.

Volcanism is responsible for the incredible features of Io's surface. Gigantic lava flows and volcanic plumes paint the surface, green, red, blue, yellow, black, orange and white - all a result of the sulfurous compounds in the atmosphere.

There are no craters on Io because the volcanic activity erases them not long after they form. Very powerful volcanoes. Io is the same size and density of earth's Moon, so why is it so active? Seems to be the tremendous pull of Europa and Jupiter which continuously heat and melt the unique surface of Io.
Remember the Magnetosphere with protects us from the sun? Jupiter has an immense one, but little Io is barely protected. Io is pockmarked with activity, all manner of bombarding space objects, and generally thought to be, up to now, fairly sedate and quiet.
How wrong we were!
Io is more active, more alive geographically, than earth and in fact it is in this area of space we've been looking - from early days of Voyager to New Horizons, we've learned this forlorn body in space is more active than a 2-year old toddler. Again - what could this mean for the future of Jovian space?
Thank you Senior Galileo Galilei for your discovery.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Your Hand In My Pocket

No, it's not there because I think you're going through my pockets (smiling) It's because I care for you, worry about you when you're not around, look for you and wonder if life is treating you decently, I CARE for you, read what you write, try and feel what you feel, and keep your hand in my pocket to re-assure me you are fine, you are alive and happy and perfect in your world.

I wrote this poem/prayer for my FAMILY MEMBERS to show them how I feel, what I feel, why I feel, and I want to give it to you, my friends, my dear dear fellow writers, my Constant Reader.


All good courage my fate to bear, and in so bearing, accept.

To honor a family that remembers.

You are my family. Now.

Take this writing from my heart,

which bears falsely to furor and envy -

Cease O storm!

By the Lord's own orders shall your waters be calmed.

Hasten all troubles from their door,

this is my Family - which is every family, which are children of the children we love.

I whisper up this prayer

on the light of a candle,

for the hearts and souls of those who yearn to be healed, and come alive -

to breath unencumbered,

always in the shadow of His watchfulness and protection.

I seek my Lord, to help me embrace and befriend this physical pain of my constant complaint,

and in so doing

be more silent and grateful.

For you. My family. My constant ones.

All joy is mine to share

as I walk in the light of new days and rest in the comfort of familiar nights,

My gratitude is to my Lord - with praise, power, and promise.

He blessed me with you.

What manner of foe

dare cry victory o'er me?

Another day of light and life is bestowed upon us, where lies another miracle more worthy!

The heart refuses to let go

of what the mind cannot forget,

and I will never forget



Thank you for being in my Life, and sharing yours with me, so willingly. A shower of sweet stars upon you my dear friends.......................