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Winter Moon Tomorrow, Planets and Meteors

Tonight, 12/31, you can make a try to see what we could not glimpse here last night, but Europeans will have the best chance of seeing - Luna getting ready to take a leap up and join Venus, as seen from the North American latitudes. Scope in on the Southwest. By tomorrow night, from the map you can see how close Luna and Venus will be, such a stunning light in a hopefully cloudless sky best seen over London. They will only be 3 to 4 degrees apart as seen from North America and I'm wishing on a star for a good view here.
And look what else is happening in the cosmos 12/31, it's Jupiter and Mercury, only 1/3 degrees apart, down and to the right of Venus and Luna.
Europeans are in the most advantageous place for the best of both events. The Mercury-Jupiter conjunction is c. 14.40 UT and the Venus-Luna conjunction is c. 17.25 UT. So the best time, the "middle of the two" would be to watch at 16.00 UT which is about sunset in London.
Jupiter >>>>>>>>>>>>

Before the New Year merrymaking knocks you out cold, take a step into the dark night. Face South. Shining there will be Sirius, the Dog Star, now our Winter Star, at its highest. You'll easily see Orion to its upper right, and Saturn will glow in the low east, off to your left. Look for the star Regulus to your right - you may recall this is the star at the end of the Lion's tail in the constellation Leo.
Also, the brief Quadrantid meteors may peak around Saturday morning (coldest time of night, coldest time of year - if you want to get a glimpse, dress for it) These are not our beloved Perseids, so don't expect much. But meteor watching in winter is truly an adventure. The best vantage due to its timing would be Pacific time zone, North America.

Luna will be at her biggest and brightest of the year on Friday night. She will be 14% bigger and 30 brighter closest to Earth! Visible throughout the globe, a full moon is always a majestic sight but this will be special because of its proximity to Earth. ( LITTLE AGGRAVATING NOTE: CAN YOU SEE IN THE ABOVE ACTUAL PICTURE OF LUNA THE MUCH-DEBATED SO-CALLED IMAGE OR FACE OF A HUMAN? LOOK CAREFULLY, AND REMEMBER IT WAS FOUND TO BE A MOUNTAIN RIDGE, WHICH CHANGED WITH SHADOW. SEE IT? Whoever sees it first I get to ask any question I want - you may not want to win lol) !!

When Luna's orbit comes closest to Earth it's called a perigee. When it's farthest from the Earth, it's an apogee. Each takes place once a month. The uniqueness about Friday's perigee of Luna is that it's the nearest to Earth since 1993. Not only that but according to Griffith Observatory, this event is very special because a perigee and full moon do not occur at the same time. That makes Friday's event extremely rare.
So get our there and howl!!!
( I mean gaze .....

Some basics courtesy of Sky&Tel, Gryphon, Science Today, star charts.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rain Cannot Hide Our Tears

How unusual, this odd fact - that even in storms of great rainfall, as you run to hurry home, face wet with rain, passbersby can tell with certainly that you've been crying. Is it the downcast red eyes? the quiet sobs?

How is it complete strangers can detect our most personal expression of both grief and joy? When a stranger cries, why is our first second of response a slight discomfort?

We humans are completely frustr
ating illogical animals with both generosity and greed living in the same soul, we have hearts that can be broken then go off to break another's. Life to us can hold value, worth and mystery, while at the same time we seek to find a way to "kill the day". Just ... killing time.

We enjoy our place of honor as the only animal with self-awareness; we know when looking in a mirror that it's not another person, it's ourselves. And we enjoy knowing that.
What are we? The stuff of stars?
Deep quests for deeper posts . . . . .

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Tis The Season Whatever The Reason

Ms. Humbug here, still searching for my holiday spirit I misplaced sometime around Thanksgiving. Well I can't keep pretending I don't notice the decorations on the traffic lights and the chubby Santas leering at me from every store window. There's something a bit unforgiving when you can't feel the joy others do at this time.

Some absolutely adore Christmas! I'm a humbug, but malleable lol. And all that is just better left for me to sort out. I'd like to discuss something about the season, and hopefully you'll remember I only have an opinion, sprinkled with a bit of fact. I'd really like you to read this whole entry, it's interesting:

A friend chastised me saying there'd be no Christmas without Christ. I did beg to remind her of the thousands of years b.c. man has celebrated the Winter Solstice, and in many a differing tradition. By any other name, a time of celebration and worship. So anyway:

As families gather round the mummified tree with gifts asunder, merriment galore, sooner or later someone will whisper, "Let's not forget what this day is really about!"

And with duly bowed heads, we celebrate the birth of a King. If you're of the Christian persuasion, this is the time of year to rejoice in the coming of a foretold Savior, who brought the good news that indeed, our Father God truly is a Living God, who loves and forgives us, and if we just love Him and play nice, things will go alot smoother for Jews, and everyone else if truth be told. Remember, Jesus was a good and obedient Jew with some odd ideas to those who heard them.

How did it happen that we celebrate two occasions on the same day? I'd like to offer that man has celebrated the Winter Solstice for ages unrecorded. Every country celebrates differently, and going back into history I'll just use one little example, the ancient Roman holiday of the Sun, "Saturnalia", also celebrated at this time. We still celebrate the Winter Solstice on the 22nd, the longest night of the year - the shortest day. With the sun at lowest, it's the turning point of the year. The Romans called it Dies Natalis Invicti Solis or "The Birthday of the Unconquered Sun." For many a modern year we've called it "The Birthday of the Son of God." The birth of Jesus. Isn't that intriguing?

All the traditions of Roman midwinter's Saturnalia are still performed today, depending on your country: it's a huge festival of hearth and home. The Romans took to making merry, halls of their homes decked with the boughs of laurel and evergreen trees, oil lamps were kept burning (we light our candles, in some ages directly on the tree), all meant to ward off the spirits of darkness and death, for many died of cold and starvation this time of year.

Schools were closed, the army rested, and no man was executed. Friends visited each other, bringing gifts of good luck such as incense, fruits, candles, cakes. In each Temple stood an evergreen, symbolizing the continuity of life, and all of this we continue to do. Did you know your Christmas tree has that meaning? Isn't this symbolism nice to know? And there are myriad other traditions for as many countries, but where amongst all this is the place set aside for a child, newly born to the world, Jesus, and why now? Please read on:

In the 3rd century, many dates between December and April were celebrated by Christians as Mistlemas, now called Christmas (roughly translated as "blessed time") and meant to honor Christ's birth. The 6th of January was the most favored as it was thought to be the baptismal day of Our Lord as a grown man. It is still a widely held belief that indeed, it was not the Winter Solstice when Jesus came into the world but October, the basis of which many theologians and bible scholars have determined, as Julius Caesar did add those two months during harvest to the 10-month calendar. Either or. I think anyday is a good day to remember the birth of Christ, anytime a good one to honor Him whether you hold belief in your heart or not. I doubt any God needs our faith in order to exist. I know it's a bit boring but back to the story:

It was c. 350 a.d. that December 25th was adopted in Rome and gradually almost the entire Christian Church agreed to it. The Greek Orthodox Church still celebrates Christmas on January 6th, however. But the 25th coincided with the Winter Solstice, The Yule, and the Saturnalia. All the merriment of Saturnalia was adopted into the observance of the birth of Christ. The mixings are now becoming soup. The tree and the manger are coalescing. By 1100 a.d. Christmas was the peak celebration of the year for all of Europe. Although it went through many changes, especially during Reformation, such as the banning of mistletoe for its pagan connotations (still held by today's Christian church) the mix held fast to this day - the combination of Saturnalia's merrymaking with the celebrations of the Winter Solstice, and the agreed-upon day of Christ's birth (with no historical basis and none really needed).

So Christmas is truly not really one or another, but a combination of many. Merriment, joy, and respectful honor. A most important day of the year no matter how you honor it.

In 1647 England, Parliament passed a law abolishing Christmas altogether, how bout that?! Even though Charles 2 revived it, the feasting and merrymaking were more worldly than religious. Bit of a dark time.

It's clear our Christmas traditions arose from what some would call "pagan" ceremonies but which we all still perform and take great joy in following, such as decking the halls and setting up our tree, having family gather, friends visit, exchange gifts, all the favors this greatly evolved time brings. It's the Winter Solstice. A duly recognized time of year. It's Saturnalia, the time to get a little nutty and just live to the fullest with those you love under the sun, which orb is honored. It's also the time the Holy Mother Church, founded on the life of Christ, has declared to be the recognition of the birth amongst us of a Savior and King, humble, loving, 100% human, 100% divine, the anointed One, whose destiny was the foundation of the Christian faith. Why not celebrate anytime we want? you may ask. Why can't we chose another date? Well, you can. This is simply the time other feasts come together and join in one great day of joy and protection from the cold and dark, love of family and neighbor. Those in more educated places who know the byways of historical fact have spoken and so was it writ. Who knows what the 30th century will bring.

I have always been a person of science. I have found no science to disprove a man Jesus Christ was born on earth and died here as well. After that, it's my personal choice as to what I embrace in my heart. Yours too. No one can take that from the human soul and its need for something higher, something finer and Divine.

When you celebrate with joyous merrymaking your Saturnalia feast, and meditate on the mysteries of the Winter Solstice, as you gather at the fireplace and Yule Log for warmth, take a moment at the creche, the manger we all know so well, and pay your respects. If you don't believe it means anything, it can't hurt you I promise. (If I don't believe there's a monster under my bed, it can't hurt me.) Christmas seems to be, indeed, a combination of ancient traditions, and the Church declared it would also be the best time to recognize the Savior's birth. Whether the concept of such a Man is within your ethic or not, the way I see it and in my humblest of opinions, God requires no one's belief in Him to exist.

So to every dear soul in Blogtown, I wish you:




and to Jesus,


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I didn't make a list so I never had anything to check twice, and no one really cares if I'm naughty or nice because I'm pretty much neutral, but I just KNOW that guy is comin to town and if I don't find that freekin Christmas cheer in less than a week - THAT'S RIGHT CHECK THE DAMN CLOCK! - then it's coal for me, guys. Okay now where's that eggnog, I'm makin breakfast.

Christmas Countdown & MySpace Layouts

Note: Hey it's over! Look at that, so many days to go till the next torture, bet it'll go by like Better not, I need at least a month to get over that eggnog breakfast.

A Bit Of Help For Those In Pain

"I see that you have at last found the secret of true peace: not to examine your present state, and to abandon the past and future entirely to God's mercy; to have a great idea of God's goodness, which is infinitely greater than you can express, and to believe, in spite of anything that tries to persuade you to the contrary, that YOU ARE LOVED BY GOD in spite of all your miseries."

St. Claude De La Colombiere

You know, my sweet Journal friends, I believe it's not how far we've come in this world that matters - it's how far we've come from where we were. And I feel that no matter where we are, it's the exact place God expects us to be. God by any other name would love us just as fiercely. And I love you, too.

Instant Karma 12/8/1980

I didn't know his true importance until he died, but I knew he was a genius about to enter his second renaissance. I knew his favorite color was "the absence of color" as he once said, meaning he loved all color - since color is simply the reworking of light.

He wasn't my favorite of the four, in fact I thought him rather "unpretty" at first. All the others had a cuteness about them any 13 year old in 1963 would spot and react to, and I did. Tennis racket in hand, I played that 'guitar' and sang "Love, Love Me Do" until the needle broke. We only had 45s and LPs then, and if I had just one of that collection I came to own, nothing could part me from it.

There was a time during the 1970s he confused and maddened me. I wasn't on his level but didn't know that was the reason, even while studying for my future career which allowed me no second of relaxation. I listened to his words, the music he formed, and in frustration would wonder "Why did he say that?" One little thow-off remark and a completely loving world suddenly wanted to crucify him (pun intended). Years later when I had a brain, I realized it was a toss-off thing one says a billion times in ones' life, but he was no ordinary man allowed to make toss-off remarks at his leisure. No, the man who only wanted a little peace started a small war.

There was talk everywhere, even of deportation, so this man of no small street-smarts got out of Dodge.

He left his buddies, his hearth and home, and tried to find meaning and solace in another way of life. But he couldn't make music and it changed him - it pained him. Eventually he returned to the only love he could trust and wrote some of the world's most beautiful songs - love songs, ballads that plead for understanding and acceptance, melodies that forced the listener to really listen this time, here was someone who really experienced a life-change. We knew exactly what he meant. And we were the wealthier for it.

It was 8 a.m. on 12/9/80 when, driving to work, my car radio spat out the incredible news.

He was lost in the previous night, 12/8/1980, lost in that night to five obscene bullets that ripped through us all. His last words: "I've been shot!" A brief look of naked human surprise, then coma. There was nothing heroic about his death. He never regained a second of life. And all we need is love? It was a hard concept to believe when he was gone.

John Lennon had so much more to do. It hurts to think about the music, the words, books, the voice he gave to the voiceless - all left undone. John was one step from an apex in a career so full of the love of life, of peace, of innocence. Anyone who heard "Double Fantasy" knows the utter frustration and aching tears felt in the knowledge that we'll never have a genius of his kind again.

I could never do John Lennon homage to my satisfaction. So I'll put these words away for now, dust off an old album or two, and just listen. And remember.

And IMAGINE ........

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Pondering In The Past

There comes a time when a person just needs to PONDER, you know? I was doing that today, (note: "today" was in October of 2006, this is a repost) and arrived at some redundancies, pedadilloes, assorted lunacies and just plain funnies. Think about this:

How redundant are these:

Moisturizing mouth wash

Spray-on salad dressing

Plans for a WALL to be built around our southern border (true!)

Infant-sized safety equipment (tiny helmets, mini-knee pads, etc) think about what this mother is planning for her baby!

A guy is robbing a store, puts a PLASTIC bag over his head, goes in and demands the dough. That's - plastic!!! TV news, can't beat it.

Some things I actually heard:

"I knew it was dangerous before I tried it."

"There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers." (I swear, this was an adult!)

"Although the jockey fell off the horse, the judges have ruled that if it gets past the finish line, a rider-less horse still wins the race."

Biggest quote gaffe of all time

"One step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Now, you'd THINK we'd get it right for the first MOON LANDING for Pete's sake but nooo, I think Mr. Armstrong was so nervous about little green men coming at him with ray guns he just forgot that all important "a" in "one step for a man"...etc. Redundant gaffe.

Actual Everyday Sayings I Got Mixed Up As a Kid

KILLER BE KILLED ("Kill or be killed")

STICKY END OF THE SHORTS (I couldn't find "the short end of the stick" nor grasp why it would be bad luck - to me, REAL bad luck would be the reverse - having sticky ended shorts)

HEY, LET'S STALK ("Hey, Let's Talk")


Old Time Laughs

HI! It's me, Froggy. This is a repost from Nov. 19, 2006. Remember my pal Jerry B? No? Well, he'd like me to laugh as often as possible. So courtesy of Jerry in 2006, these are real bumpers stickers, have a read and a chuckle:

I used to have a handle on life, but it broke.

WANTED: Meaningful overnight relationship.

You're just jealous because the voices only talk to MEEE!

Beer - not just for breakfast anymore.

And beauty is still in the eye of the beer-holder.

All men are idiots and I married the king.

The longer you complain, the longer God makes you live.

Hard work has future payoff. Laziness pays off NOW.

Reality is a crutch for people who can't handle drugs.

As long as there are tests, there'll be prayer in public schools.

Hang up and drive!

God must love stupid people - look at them all!

I said "no" to drugs, they didn't listen.

Smile, it's the 2nd best thing you can do with your lips.

I took an I.Q. test, the results were negative. Whew!

Where there's a Will . . . . . . I want to be in it.

Consciousness: that annoying time between naps.

Always remember you're unique - just like everybody else.

I don't have a license to kill, only a learner's permit.

Alcohol and calculus don't mix: never drink and derive.

If we are what we eat, I'm cheap, fast and easy.

My wife keeps complaining I never listen - or something.

Jack Kervorkian for White House physician! (Ok now obviously this joke no longer applies, seems Junior is leaving the usual way - by vote of the people!)

If you can read this, I can hit my brakes and sue you.

EARTH FIRST! We'll strip-mine the other planets later. (This will only be funny to people who can laugh at themselves)

Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change.

Who were the testers for Preparations A through G?

Keep honking so I can re-load.

Ever stop to think, and forget to start again?

and the worst, most rude of all:

Have a nice day!

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Time Space and Ghosts

You're looking at a dying star with gamma rays exploding out of either side of the orbit of space dust it's creating. I'd like to bring you into a dimension of thought, and if you just allow your learned behaviors to stay still, open yourself to ideas and science, we can enjoy this I promise!

If you know me, you know my fixation on astronomy and the space-time continuum. Time and space, one can't exist without the other, can it. Time was actually born when space was, which would've been about the instant of the Big Bang. It was so cataclysmic you can still detect its back-round radiation from 14.6 billion years ago. It made no noise when it happened in the vacuum of newly-born space, so it would've made no noise. But astronomers can detect this explosion remnant all the time at, say, Mount Palomar, where we have a telescope trained on outerspace listening for any odd or never-before heard sounds, recording graphs of radiated areas, the search for other intelligent, sentient beings out there. True all true. That's the science.

Let's say you live in 1800, and you're mad at your husband. Suddenly you slam home a knife to his back say, and he dies, and you keep him in the basement and live to a ripe old age just walking the floors. That was back in the 17th century.

Now it's the 21st century, 2008, and your house is still standing. I enter that house, it looks very different it's been repaired repainted redone restored. I'm standing in a spot in a room and suddenly I see a grayish female shape in odd clothing gliding past the room and straight into the wall, disappearing right through it before my eyes. I'm not drunk or insane, and I know what I saw. So what just happened here?

In the dimension of time, the murder took place in the past. My seeing a "ghost" was in the present. The ghostly figure turns out to look like a sketch of someone who lived in that house in 1800 in fact it looks like you. How did I see your ghostly image? WHY would your image appear, what's the purpose? What is happening in time, and in the space it occupies?

More science says that perhaps everything we do and say leaves an imprint, a mark, on time, which remains as long as time does. You could, perhaps, walk across the Arizona Plains and suddenly see a ghostly rider on a horse which looks like an Apache Indian from a former time. It's the same principal, I think you're seeing the actual imprint of someone who existed in that place, in time, and nothing can erase it, no power can eradicate time - elsewise we'd all disappear. Our atoms would become unbounded, our molecular bodies would just come apart and drift in ... space? Can't be space, not without time. That's another argument - so back to your ghost of 1800.

That was your imprint I saw, walking through a wall which wasn't there when you were alive, living in that house walking the floors moaning about your dead husband in the basement.

Could a traumatic incident cause a greater imprint on time than an ordinary one? I believe so, in fact the greater the tragedy the better chance of seeing its footprint on time. Not only that, I believe time itself dictates what we see, and perhaps the longer spaces of time between "then and now" the less chance of seeing that spirit. Think about it: no one ever sees the "ghost" of King David of the Bible or Queen Cleopatra or Alexander the Great or Nero or Mozart or...Call it "ghost" if it feels right.

Anyway, you killed your husband, he died and you never r
ested afterward, your conscience or psyche or whatever thought process you used forbade you from ignoring what you did, so you walked the floors all your life, and since the dead don't exist in the same time dimension we do (else we'd see them everywhere) then I was able to see you, as you were, your footprint, your mark, left on the fabric of time. You would be called "a restless soul" by some charlatan who thinks ghosts are actual people in real bodies of smoke trying to either hurt or help us. Living in the TV or something. Geesch.

Yes, I understand channeling and some do have abilities others don't, I agree. But all they're doing is using part of the brain we're not. So much of the brain goes unused, I wrote alot about that - maybe I'll bore you to tears and repeat it lol. But think:

Why wouldn't everything we do leave it's mark on the fabric of time?

Therefore, why wouldn't someone in a future time be able to see that imprint, from the past?

It's the basis for why someone in a time-travel machine can't go into the future, only the past. Everything we know about the space time continuum says the future did not happen yet. So it's impossible to experience it.

But we can experience what already happened, and my explanation of why people see these images is contained in that theory. Energy cannot be destroyed, only mutated. We are leaving our energy in some form of imprinting right now, on time's fabric, in space, a certain space - for me right now it's this one.

Perhaps 300 years from now this area I'm using will be a park and someone looking at flowers will suddenly see an image of a rather odd looking lady banging away at a keyboard, sipping hot cocoa.

Do you dare say it's not possible?

Who ARE You?

First, I hope your Pearl Harbor Day was memorable. Now to a project I need your help with - I might be looking for you.

While perusing other blogs and reading the "About Me" minutia, I found someone who's reading:

"The Dharma Bums"

Is that you? O great great I've been LOOKING for you! Now tell me who you are, and anyone who enjoyed Jack Kerouac as a kid (or if you're still a kid) please let me know, it's a rare occurrence when you find a kindred soul from the Age of Aquarius.

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The world still has problems dealing with this country. You hear it, I hear it - "America the bully" or "The world's cop" or "America takes too much" and I know we're a big nation, with big egos.

But when I see a kid 30 years my junior run into a busy street to help a lady who fell off her cane, and he runs out there because he wears a uniform few others will, and that lady is me and I'm
scared to death I'll get run over - and that kid helps me stay calm as he carried me out of rush-hour traffic....well - whatever else we may be, whatever the world may think of this country....


Dec. 7, 1941

Friday, December 5, 2008

Quotes Of The Quotable

original post of Dec 23, 2007

"Only one principle will give you courage - that no evil lasts forever, nor indeed for very long." Epicurus

"Lord, on You I call for help against my blind and senseless torment. You alone can renew inwardly and outwardly my mind, my will, my strength - which are weak." Michelangelo

"Receive what cheer you may. The night is long that never finds the day." Shakespeare

"Suffering is a misfortune, as seen from the one side, and a discipline, as seen from the other." CSR

"Look for the truth - search for the good - hope for the best." Anon.

BE the change you want to see in your life." (M Gandhi)

"The triumph of evils occurs when good men do nothing." Edmund (Abrgd)

"When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back into you." Neitzsche

"Just as a burden shared is a burden lessened, a sunbeam reflected is a shared brightness, multiplying itself in the glory of God." csr

"If your teeth bother you, don't worry. Just ignore them and they'll go away." csr

"Even our best and brightest would hang their heads in shame if their faults were written on their foreheads." Old Irish Proverb

"Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground." Jerry Bivens

"Man plans, God laughs." Anon.

( A bit more of my prose )

Your giving has allowed my living. Praying is something that can change a life, can rearrange a soul in strife.

All the days I am lost and afraid,

always do I find the glory of Your heart's rays

sent to warm, received with praise.

Or the coolness of the shade, Your aid to me

when I burn in the sand - without a tree

on this so risky land.

You only, have reached to me with Your hand

without a moment's thought -

and through this act of pure love I see

my life You caught, before I could fall.

For this, I thank You -

I thank You for it all.