Monday, October 26, 2015

Look at that Lady Luna

It's completely out of focus, but it's beautiful to me anyway - I only had my laptop video maker so it's terrible but these few minutes of watching the full moon gave my soul great satisfaction.
"ad astra"

Thursday, October 15, 2015

It's Autumn Already

Hi Karen Hi Ricky, it's mid-October and I miss you both.  The only ghostly spirits around are those of lost loved ones.  As you know I still can't seem to bring it all to the surface and spend a day just crying.  I know you're both safe now and you know things I don't, like whether I was telling the truth that time or making it up, and why.  You know God too.  Have you seen Mom and Dad?  Aunt Teddy and Nana?  Are you back on earth in some manner?  Ricky why did you hide like that, I missed you when you lived, I wanted so much to see you, hear you.  Karen you already know how I feel and why, and this love is overpowering.  The emptiness will in time, be filled with something at least partly suitable but nothing can replace you my Butterfly.  Everyone loves you.  Misses you.  Did you see Sandy at the Belmar memorial?  I hope I was a comfort to all your friends, truly I wanted it to be.  They felt lost.
Kind of like how I've been feeling.  When I'm less selfish about this, things will be better and life will go on. Won't it?