Saturday, June 2, 2018


                     I WILL DIE TO FIND YOU  ~ MY LOVE ~  

Through a million exploding stars I will make a warrior’s charge

In the midst of fire and pain I will make of it a barge

To sail swift over ten thousand waves on the powerful Universal Sea

I will tear at the fabric of time and the empty space that has become me

To find you once again.      


I offer now one arm, one leg, to those low bids which took yours.

A misery I happily become for you, and fall on iron floors

Sweet sacrifice, what need have I to ever walk, to touch,

Save run into your waiting arms, and kiss and kiss you such.

I will find you again. 


Take my promise oh Giver of All, glad is my soul should I have to fall – just guide my path to his waiting heart, universe oh grand surprise you’re tearing me apart!

I will find him again.  


If I cannot live without this one, beloved of the heart

How can I die without knowing why such penance did start?

For now without single smile, of all joy quite bereft

There’s naught I want in fickle life, my time has nothing left.


Oh I would die to find you again!

Friday, December 9, 2016

I Would Have Stayed

He died in my arms.  I thought he was sleeping.  I left him to rest. 
I never saw my dear one again. 
Oh dear God I would've stayed....

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Down To The Last of the Wine

Repost of June 2006

(Written in 1972 while in an abbey on retreat.  I had "found" a bottle of sacraficial wine, and being young and bored, took to my little cell and reflected thus:)
I lie here dying in a hundred small ways
from voices crying out my name down endless hallways;
and the clock keeps ticking, eating up the time,
and I'm down to the last of the wine.
My eyes are amazed at the movement my hand makes
while reaching out to the disappearing handshakes,
and the room keeps spinning, slowly in my mind,
and I'm down to the last of the wine.
I sleep on my back, all through the night
and dream of dying, lost in the sunlight
floating on cloudy mists, feather-fine,
I'm still drunk on the last of the wine.
As familiar shadows of the morning start to harden,
I rise up singing to the angel in the garden.
Some sweet and silent angel of another place and time
who sees that I've had enough wine.

No Casket For Me Please

Repost of June 2006
Lay me down in a bed of grass
when my body dies, that it may pass
deep into the essence of
this glorious earth I do so love.

But until that time:
My heart gives rise to the high places,
how transcendent is God in these spaces!
Where trickster breezes weave through my hair
and the miracles of life are everywhere.

Then soon:
As a falling leaf, my cheek it doth kiss
this life I know I'll sorely miss;
so when you note my long, last nod,
just place me in the soft, green sod.
By Cathy S. Rapicano - June 4, 2006

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