Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mars Asteroid Tomorrow

JPL Small-Body Database Browser   If you click on this site, JPL supplies an inter-active map showing you the path of 2007 WD5 in our solar system, use the scroll elevator on the right, and "Zoom" on the bottom for all angles the asteroid will come in.  You'll need Java.   

I know people speculate on what this has to do with earth, which is experiencing its own asteroid fly-by in about an hour then into tomorrow and strickly a telescopic event.  But as for the Martian visitor, if it does collide, it will release 3 MEGATONS OF ENERGY which is much like the Tunguska event in Siberia, 1908.  The high air-blast alone destroyed large areas of forest, and considering the Martian atmosphere is alot thinner than ours, this asteroid is much more likely to hit the surface.   

Monday, January 28, 2008

Corpse Has No Trouble Cashing Check

 He lived on disability, and died in his home surrounded by friends.  Did I say friends?  Let me dig deeper:

His Social Security check was there on the table, and the buddies all looked at it. 

"Shouldn't we call someone?"

"Well...wait a second...that check, he can't use it anymore and...well I just bought that truck, you know the one?  Yeah that red one.  Wish I could make a nice, fat payment on it."

"....I could use a new coat...."

"I didn't pay that bitch's alimony yet, she'll have her headhunters after me, I need a few bucks just to stay outta jail, shoot!"

The friends decided this wouldn't be too hard, they forged his name and hauled their newly deceased friend into his wheelchair, then commenced to strap him in.  Nice and tight.  His head wobbled a bit, but they put duct tape on it, slammed it into the headrest.  After covering him in a blanket, they examined their work with a serious eye.

"I don't know....he looks..."

"Oh shut up, he looks even better." 

"Shouldn't we put shoes on him, instead of those ratty slippers?"

"Hey!  He looks just fine, it'll work I tell ya!  Now let's get to the bank before they close!"

Off to the bank.  Pushing their pal up to the window in his wheelchair, they explain he has "orange-itis" and his Doctor won't let him speak.  The teller sees that his usual SS check is signed but stares at the man for a hot second. 

"Oh he's just taking a nap now, he's okay."

and she redeems it, no questions, no problems.  The buddies make a great show of putting the cash into their friend's hip pocket.

"We'll make sure he gets home safely, thanks!"

As they turn the wheelchair, the duct tape gives out and his head starts to roll to the side.  They push a little faster, checking behind them every few seconds.  They're almost home.

Weeks later when caught, the buddies just couldn't see what crime they commited.  Their thinking was, "he had money, he didn't need it, we did" and what else mattered?  Money's money.

This true story happened a few months ago in a nice quiet American town. 




Sunday, January 27, 2008

Better Never Than Late?

This sepia-toned pic for Krissy's Black & White photo entry is probably better left to speak for itself....I was a pretty weird kid. 


Dancing on the front lawn in my usual costume, circa 1953-4. 

Falling To Earth Again

Talk about getting nothing done....I started in earnest to visit you all but couldn't get my mind out of space, thinking about Asteroid 2007WD5 and whether it'll hit Mars or not.  The odds keep getting better each day and it's almost Wednesday so time will certainly tell a tale.  If you've forgotten about it, click into the left pane there, "ODDS OF COLLISION..." post, that seems to be the most up-to-date.  Think of it:  A mile-long, 400-feet wide, this returning rock will come into Martian space at 8.5 miles per second around 5:56 a.m. EST.  Hope it hits, we'll gain so much science from it.

But for earth?  We're not left out.  We've an Asteroid coming our way too - this ones' called 2007TU24 and it's less than 2 million miles from earth at this moment.  TU24 is 800 feet wide and headed straight toward us.  Don't start sounding the apocalyptic horn, we've plenty of radar up there plotting every move.  It's closest approach will be on the 29th, this Tuesday, at 8:33 UT or 3:33 a.m. EST.  Distance from earth will be a very comforting 340,000 miles, or 1.44 times the mean distance of the moon.  So fear not.  This is strickly a telescopic event.  But don't you want to see it fly past if you can?  

On the night of closest approach, this Monday-Tuesday, it's magnitude will be bright enough for all Americas to see easily with binocs.  How brilliant it'll be depends on the curve of sunlight hitting it.  TU24's peak will be about 8 hours after its closest approach, and even as it fades into space it'll still be quite visible.  The speed of travel past earth is approximately 7 times faster than the moon, which is half the speed that surrounding "fixed" stars drift across the sky (due to the rotation of earth).

But you really shouldn't be surprised to hear all the commotion made about "last days" and "prepare now" warnings.  I have to think such persons don't know how many millions of objects hit this planet in just my lifetime (57 years).  Which brings to mind another object falling to earth:  A satellite which has left its orbit is headed into our atmosphere.  It'll mostly burn up on approach but little pieces will fall here and there,like metal golf-balls on fire.  This happens all the time and people don't really know or care and that's okay too, but remember the piece that hit someone's car and incinerated it?  Just a reminder of the power of gravity here.  I love gravity.

NOW I'll get to those Journals..... :-)


Basics courtesy of JPL, S&T, Gryphon, Goldtsone RT, star charts. 


Thursday, January 24, 2008

And I Return To Find....

.....it's YOU!!!  How nice that you came back, how patient you are!  Thank you for remembering me whilst away it's an incredible feeling - just knowing someone took the time, I'm grateful and so happy to tap this out.  Not even signed on, just working from my browser and without wasting another second, time to journey to far-off places with wonderful names - YOUR JOURNALS! 

6 days to Asteroid and counting ...... 

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Love Puppies


One system (Windows) shutting down your PC to "protect it from further damage" with one blue error screen, you soon realize just how much of an online life you had - because it's now on HOLD!  Yeesh. 

I CAN'T VISIT YOU AND LORD HOW I WANT TO!!!  WHAT ARE YOU UP TO?  I'd so love to know .....

But here I am at the library terminal, one of 25 to be used by the 100 people waiting for one.  Finally, it's my turn and after checking mail, I came directly to my Land of J.

~~~~~~~~~~        *        ~~~~~~~~~~        *     ~~~~~~~

Just a few things I got all mixed up as a kid:

"It's a dog-eat-dog world" .... came out by me as:

"It's a doggie dog world."

"The short end of the stick" ... came out by me as:

(Well I couldn't FIND the short end of a stick, no less knew why it was bad luck.  So I said:)

"The sticky end of the shorts."  (Now that's bad luck!)

"Everything but the kitchen sink" ... came out by me as:

"Everything but the chicken's ink."

"Liar, liar, pants on fire" ... came out by me as:

"Lie a lie, your pants expire."

Now that I've revealed my childhood idiocy, the knucklehead I once was and may still be, let me relate a wonderful story about 3 little puppies.  They were born missing their front legs, no paws, dragging their little torsos on the ground.  It broke someone's heart enough that this kind soul got to work.  He made these little "half skateboard" wheelies and strapped them around the pups front where their legs would've (should've) been.  NOW these guys go zipping around the neighborhood like the happiest cutest most "doggie dog" pals around.  Doesn't that get you???

Speaking of which, they're getting to me here, the head muckety-muck is on her way directly toward me - time to get off this terminal.  PLEASE FORGIVE MY ABSENCE FROM YOUR DELIGHTFUL JOURNALS!!  I miss you all, want so badly to read what you've been doing, and intend to when that PC is well.  Hopefully hopefully soon.



Saturday, January 12, 2008

Down But Not Out

Here I am to quickly say:

Windows shut me down, and my PC is being cleaned, I'll have to drop alot of things and reinstall others which I'm saving to PFC.  The Dell geek squad is walking me through the steps.  For free of course.

So I'm at my library using a terminal to let you know.  Since I walk every day I might stop in here to check this and that, but it won't be as often - still I'll come back while waiting for things at home to return to...dare I say it?  NORMAL. 

This weather on the northeast corrider is beautiful, everyone says isn't that great?  I say yes, of course, but a little thought is knawing at my frontal lobe telling me the planet is not acting normally.  This is NOT the correct weather for mid-winter, I should be up to my calves in snow, layered up in clothes.  Yet I can walk outside with nothing but a light sweater and my trusty cane.  So as beautiful as it may be, PLANET EARTH IS NOT BEHAVING AS IT SHOULD and it's too late to go back and UN-invent fuel-injection engines, disposable baby diapers, plastic, all the man-made polymers whose fibers still hang in the atmosphere.  Did you know it takes thousands of years before a Pampers even STARTS to decompose?  Yes, thousands.  

The children of our children's children will be steward's of this ship, and maybe we can make it an easier task for them by doing more now.     

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sweet River Of Angels

No names.

No places.

Not even my original entry - but this cried to be released and this Journal is a forum for anything at all, so....take a deep breath:

His four children.  Aged 4 months to 5 years.  He took them to the bridge, to watch the river flow.  Daddy took his babies to the bridge, they watched the river flow.

Daddy took his baby, threw it over the bridge.  Threw the baby over the bridge, into the river below.  Baby flowed away in the water, gone.

Daddy took the next baby, threw it over the bridge.

Daddy took the next baby, threw it over the bridge.

Daddy took the last baby, threw it over the bridge.

Sweet river of souls, flow gentle these angels downstream to wash upon the shores someday, to be rescued but they can't be, never rescued, to be found but always lost, lost to the world lost forever, gone gone gone.  Water water water, flowing soft soft soft ... be kind be gentle great waters, there are angels in the river.  

Angels.    In.    The.     River.       


Monday, January 7, 2008

I Refer You To A Monster

Today I was presented with a shock so severe to my soul, I was sure it couldn't be true, somehow.  TODAY I discovered a sad truth:  Some women are born either missing or never find nor feel, maternal instincts.  Human, maternal drives, before, during and after giving birth.  Some women know they're not meant to be mothers and therefore, hopefully have none.  That necessary instincual need to love, nourish, protect and guide this new soul ushered into the world must be the most important priority in your life.

Watching this program my tolerance was pushed beyond all barriers.  I composed my own motto not long ago, to TOLERATE the intolerable, LOVE the unloveable, and forgive the unforgiveable.  It's worked for me many a hard-pressed time.

The program was "The Steve Wilkos Show" and I found it from its premiere.  This is a man, who, though knowing people who beat their progeny before it's even born, will need help of a specialized, more impersonal kind.  He is not impersonal.  His goal seems to be to spotlight and verbally punish deadbeat Dads and Moms, drug addicts who make excuses, baby-beaters, pedarasts who think the child they "loved" with their hands surely loved them back, and they didn't "cause" it - the child (baby) invited these attentions.  What he does is, present a forum where these folks can be shown in full graphic truth, and people watching who perhaps felt they couldn't voice their thoughts could now say what they think of such as these, using language meant only to confront and perhaps antagonize them into some kind of emotional reaction other than violence, idiocy, indifference

I confess I enjoy this program.  Someone SHOULD berate them publically (guests ASK to be on this show) and even if it's only to bring such horrors to light via the person who knowingly performed them, I still believe it's a needed thing, perhaps finally and at long last in this country.

As for maternally bankrupt mothers:  This woman is in prison for her natural life (L-Wopp'd in legal terms, as in life without the possibility of parole).  "Alicia" had allowed and participated in the torture and death of her 4-year old baby son.  For months, he was hung by his ankles from a closet, gagged, burned, beaten, his eyes tapped shut, severly malnourished, bruised everywhere, his little boy skin beaten raw and bleeding.  He had an open hole in his chest and on the right side of his little head.  This is just one incident among far too many others, which is going on right now as I type this and you read it.  What POSSIBLE horrendous crime could that little boy have commited??  I'll tell you:  He danced.  Her boyfriend saw him dancing to a song, thought it "looked gay" (he's 4 years old!!) and decided to torture his gayness out of him.  How can a baby know what gender preference is?!?  A question that needn't be asked but ...

When Mr. Wilkos, a father of young children himself, visited this woman in prison, he was trying to elicit SOME kind of emotion, a reason, a sensible fact, like "I couldn't help because I was tied up myself" or "When I got loose he beat me up again and..." etc.  Seems he never beat her, just focused on her "gay" 4-year old.  God help us.  God, HELP us from judging but this woman?  Any soul watching her smirk, her twisted half-laugh, her dead eyes, her complete lack of expression, no affectation at all, while Mr. Wilkos poured out her own confessed words to what she did and allowed to be done, as she stated over and over, "I didn't know it was happening", when in fact she certainily knew and even helped a monster go about his cruel business.  The boy was found dead, emaciated, open sores all over his little broken body, rope burns on his ankles, and incredibly, it was obvious to the paramedics who were called in that this child had been dead alot longer than a few minutes, as told.  Lividity has set in and gone already, that's at least 14 hours since the time of death. 

Why am I relating all this?  As painful and heart-wrenching as it is, why in the world bring it up?  I'll tell you.  Not because people don't know babies are abused, that's been brought home all too obviously. 

It's to make the unspoken, unbelieved point that some women who give birth find absolutely no maternal instinct kick in, even while pregnant.  They lack that essential response which comes to most so naturally and though there's probably a reason in her past that started this lack of emotion, if you bring a new soul into the physical world and don't care, don't "feel anything" as this woman said, have no instinct on any level to even FEED your child, well...so yes indeed, they do exist.  These woman (I won't call them mothers, I cannot) are people who somehow sleep soundly, dreamless, content because "boyfriend" is there, and in order to keep him, allow such monstrosity as I've described.  A woman who doesn't recognize her baby as being entirely helpless and completely dependent upon her loving ministrations is lacking a primal, visceral ingredient, and no one believes a woman can give birth without fully adoring that life.  But they can.  They do exist.  I saw one today.   

I watched her face, her affectation.  Absent of anything other than what affected her personally and directly, this woman, at the pleading of Mr. Wilkos, finally showed something other than her smirking "I don't know".  She shed a single tear which she quickly wiped away.  What caused it?  She was talking about her own nightmares, her dreams.  HERS.  Where she would put her baby boy in the swing at the park and smile.  Was it a maternal act she was performing, for her child?  No I'm afraid it was because watching her son on the swing brought attention to herself when others came over to comment on her "cute little boy".  Nothing mattered but the moment, and she was that moment.  This baby was nothing.  EVEN WHEN GIVING BIRTH!  She claimed she felt...nothing.

For those who think every mother certainly must feel at least a small something for her baby, think again.  Incredibly, some do not and cannot.  This woman will rot in prison and I'm ashamed to say I'm not unhappy to know that.

                      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~       +       ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  

                            To Lattie McGee - rest in peace dear child.       

*            *            *            *            *            *          *            *            *             *


In reading your comments, so passionately conveyed, I just want to refer to you one by Sharon (buggieboo1) who inserts a link to the story in greater detail, as this boy did have siblings.  I'd be indebted if you'd click that link from her comment.  In the interim, I've been thinking, re-reading your words, and trying to wrap my brain around some kind of working theory or at least some dynamic I can present about the majority of responses which of course, are to burn the woman and her boyfriend alive.  Preferably in public.  Next entry, then.  I need to address the idea of pain, dying, death, and murder. 

                                                               THANK YOU !


Sunday, January 6, 2008

"Cradle Me, Baby"

As I rush into your open arms,

collapsing in relief,

hold me to your happy heart

let not this time be brief.

We'll move in perfect motion

rocking gently to the sway,

as I trust you as you trust me

I will not give us away.

Cradle me within your heart

as if a newborn soul -

softy, with a quiet kiss

complete me - I am whole.

Stay with me to watch the night,

don't give in to sleep -

out in darkened seas of sky,

we're stars within the deep.

Come the dawn and brighter beams

we'll rest, as shadows harden -

I commit this crime of love

and you will always pardon.

By Catherine S. Rapicano January 6, 2008

Friday, January 4, 2008


Don't move, don't blink, don't do ANY thing to jinx this!  I'm holding my breath I can't believe, the odds of the collision on Mars just zoomed way past "maybe" to "get your scopes ready, NOW!"

Remember I posted a week ago about 2007 WD5, that returning asteroid which will come tantalizingly close to hitting Mars on January 30th?  It's gone from roughly a 1% chance (1 in 75%) to a whopping 4% (1 in 25%) in just 2 days.

Earlier today, dynamicists (people who can take statistics and form a dynamic of fact) at Jet Propulsion Labs announced that they've adjusted their predictions based on the asteroid's appearance in three images made on 11/8, which was 2 weeks before its actual discovery by a sky survey team in Arizona.  So are you just blown away yet?!?!?  I'm dangerously close to giddy!

Little replay of facts:  When this asteroid first appeared in 1979 it flew past Mars coming within 400,000 miles.  Now that it's returned, NASA had it coming within 55,000 miles of Mars.  NOW, it's adjusted proximity is within 15,000 miles and closing,now that's an IMPACT dear friends, that's a money shot!  Holy canoli I'm never going to get through this month without sedation!!!  Mars you best get ready for a slam-dunk hit.  BANG!  Ruddy red dust flying out into space for who knows HOW long, hitting who knows what.  Some will settle on Hubble too, it's close to that area.  Oh man.

I'm sorry this PC won't load Animated Flash or the graphic would be more exciting.  Click for better idea of what's going on.

This is so exciting, it really is.  Although JPL is still saying "if" it hits, they know (I know they know).  Asteroid 2007 WD5 will collide with Mars at a speed of 8.5 miles per second on January 30th, within a few minutes of 5:56 a.m. EST.  All the planet's "eyes on outer space" will be hushed and focused on that portion of our galaxy.  So will I.

This is the most up-to-date info, anything more that comes in as the days pass and predictions can be more refined, I'll be watching for.  Waiting.  Waiting.  Waiting and .... watching. 


Basics courtesy of S&T, Gryphon, star charts, JPL, NASA 



Thursday, January 3, 2008

Noteable Sayings In A "So Far" Lifetime

I apologize for this re-post of an old entry, but I'm a bit tired now.  Thanks all.  Some will recognize it. 


If you want to know what's on the road ahead, ask those coming back. 

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is today.

If you fear going forward, you'll live your life just standing there.  Might as well be a pigeon dropping.

The person saying something can't be done should not interrupt the person doing it. 

If you don't want anyone to know, don't do it!

Plan your year in early spring, your day at dawn.

The wise adapt themselves to circumstances, just as water to a glass.

Listen to all, follow none.

If you want to live forever, help someone. 

Continue giving, continue getting.

Genius can be recognized by its simplicity.

If you make happy those who are near, others who are far away will come closer.

Even the clumsy bird will get there early if he starts out an hour ahead.

Dripping water can eat through stone.  Be patient!

Better a nightmare than a life with no dreams. 

Learning is like rowing upstream.  If you stop, you'll move backward.

Deal with the faults of others as gently as you would your own. 

Do not confine your children to your way of learning.  They were born in another time.

Fear not growing slowly.  Fear standing still.

A book is a house of gold.  But you cannot buy time with it.

A child is as a clean piece of paper, on which every person writes, leaving their mark.

Better a happy cottage than a palace of tears.

It takes years to make a true friend, whom you can lose within seconds.

To understand your parents love, raise children. 

Praying for fish is fine, but weave a net while you do.

Keep your brother's arm inside your sleeve. 

A diamond cannot be polished without friction, nor a life made more perfect without trials.

It's not what you have to do that matters, it's doing it.

Is a flawed diamond more valuable than a perfect pebble?

Wherever you are is exactly where God expects you to be. 

                                 ~~~ best of all ~~~

It's not how far you've come that matters.  It's how far you've come from where you were.


1/3/08:  Here's something I recently read of Caius Plinius Secundus, you know as Pliny the Elder:

Real glory is made of doing what deserves to be written, and writing what deserves to be read.   



Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I'm coming out of my coma just long enough to give a great big J-Land WONDER-HUG to everyone, thank you for your love and support, which is returned a thousand-fold.