Saturday, June 5, 2010

What Are You Watching?

All my life I've seen and experienced the big guy cheating the little guy, the bully crushing the weak, the rich getting richer off the poor. I've been that little weak poor guy many times, and found out one thing: If I don't try to change it, why should you?
To complain about "them" and what "they" do feels right, but isn't enough. Once, when I had youth and immortality, I acted. I put my body on the line, with many others of the Days of Rage, and so-called Peace and Love. Peace never came and love lasted a hot five minutes. Who the hell are we fooling anyway?

The only action that made a difference happened during the Days of Rage and unless you were willing to get arrested and beaten, nothing much happened - day after day. I don't see any changes on the horizon do you? But that's no reason to just lay down and watch TV.

Just take a second glance at my friends here and if all you can do is register your name, you've done more than you did yesterday. Thank you for caring about humanity.