Sunday, September 30, 2018

Thank you Cory Booker !

My former mayor and friend, Sen Cory Booker who guided my city as best anyone could, is standing up by staying mute in the Kavanaugh mess.  The silence is meant to display disgust and ire.  How does someone like Kavanaugh even make judgeship is no mystery in the right-ist climate this country has been leaning toward for some time now.  Scary stuff.


Thoughts upon the Man I Loved as we Lay side by side,
on his bed, in his home,
and he drifted into sleep.
I thought I felt a long breath from his lips.
There it was.
The man who died in my arms.
The man who held my heart and future.
The man I can't release.
The Dead Man.

Like a friend who missed their cue,
I came in late at home with you -
Let me take you back with me
we'll feast upon our symphony.
You went too far and lost your way
then I committed one delay -
and in that hour you sealed my fate,
now night awaits at every gate.
And I forgot how sleep occurs
And I forgot the use of words
And I forgot that joy is gifted
I can't see my spirit lifted.
Constant tears have taken hold
of what was once my love so bold,
Everywhere I see a shade
which hastens to make me afraid.
Ghosts have taken residence
inside my soul - I feel too tense,
loosen please this chain of fear
and come back home my dear.