Saturday, June 2, 2018


                     I WILL DIE TO FIND YOU  ~ MY LOVE ~  

Through a million exploding stars I will make a warrior’s charge

In the midst of fire and pain I will make of it a barge

To sail swift over ten thousand waves on the powerful Universal Sea

I will tear at the fabric of time and the empty space that has become me

To find you once again.      


I offer now one arm, one leg, to those low bids which took yours.

A misery I happily become for you, and fall on iron floors

Sweet sacrifice, what need have I to ever walk, to touch,

Save run into your waiting arms, and kiss and kiss you such.

I will find you again. 


Take my promise oh Giver of All, glad is my soul should I have to fall – just guide my path to his waiting heart, universe oh grand surprise you’re tearing me apart!

I will find him again.  


If I cannot live without this one, beloved of the heart

How can I die without knowing why such penance did start?

For now without single smile, of all joy quite bereft

There’s naught I want in fickle life, my time has nothing left.


Oh I would die to find you again!