Thursday, January 19, 2012

Say Goodbye To You Tube - REALLY??

It may already be too late. SOPA and PIPA are moving FAST through the House and Senate on their way to Congress, and if you've ever downloaded music, used Twitter, You Tube, ANY entertainment site, THIS AFFECTS YOU.

These bills will CENSOR the rights of advertisers who buy space on sites that are now free because of those adverts. Please READ these links, SIGN and click "SEND TO CONGRESS" and your outrage will be counted among the hundreds of thousands of artists, musicians and free people who are disgusted with this infringement on our rights - once again.

My website has blacked out in protest for 24 hours. We're following the lead of many many others. If you like the idea of government and private corporations deciding what you watch on the net, ignore this. Otherwise..:



If you don't become involved NOW you will lose your favorite entertainment sites, they will be under the control of the government and private corporations with separate interests other than YOU. Do you TRUST the government enough to run free and open communication between citizens????

Are you an ARTIST or MUSICIAN? Here's a special separate letter you can sign and instantly click to Congress:

PLEASE get involved, DON'T STAY SILENT!!! It's the information age, it's more than important, it's VITAL to our FREEDOM of EXPRESSION.

UPDATE March2015:  Well we still have YouTube what a lot of fuss over nothing.  This was 2 years ago!  I have a feeling YT is with us as long as computers are.