Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Milky Way Mentality (And Other Human Oddities)

These human traits first came to me years ago having nothing to do with Milky Ways, but that seemed the best analogy. Goes something like this: If one Milky Way is good, then two must be better which makes three best and that's why I'm going to eat four.

Small Example: Two ladies shopping for hubby's new fancy handkerchief.

"Oh look Mildred, this one's nice. I'll get one."

"Yes, I agree Fran. But get two."


"Oh yes, Fran, one for show, one for blow."

Fran looks pensive. "Well..."

"You know what, Fran?" chirps Mildred. "Just get three. One for show, one for blow and one for you-never-know. Best be sure!"

The Milky Way Mentality means: If a little is good, a bit more must be better and the whole lot must be best.


There's another one, The Trump in a Teapot. Very common. A guy has exactly what he needs - not alot, not a little, just what he needs to live. Pay rent, food. His "oldish" clothes still look just fine and he has friends he can trust. Wants for nothing more.

Then he wins a million bucks. First thing he does is look for a way to MAKE MORE!! He's got more but somehow feels he now needs to increase it, now that he HAS more. Yeah! More than more! He can't even imagine spending a million bucks so he surrounds himself with "people who know" what? Why? Yet the human impulse says, "Make it work for you, invest, diversify, expand, etc."

The Trump in a Teapot means: You may think you're happy with "just enough" but what you really want is more more more.


Here's another: Porcupine Promises. At some time you find a need to elicit a favor from a friend, let's say a promise to help you move in two weeks time. "No problem!" you get. Two weeks go by, you call your friend. He starts:

"Oh no, you mean to DAY??"

"Well, I did say in two weeks, and its...."

"You meant this COMING two weeks?? Oh no I thought you meant, well I didn't think you meant two weeks from that exact DAY now, I mean...O dear..."

"I was counting on you, pal."

"Yes, but something sticky has come up, very prickly situation here, I misunderstood what you meant, oh this is really a mess, I have so much to DO!" (Here comes the transfer of guilt): "What am I going to do NOW?? O no, this is awful...." making you feel somehow it's your fault.

The Procupine Promise means: Always made with "barbs" attached, surely meant well at the time, but get too close and they start shooting darts..


Here's a good one: The Narcissistic Navigator. This is the guy who steers his life-ship through those rough seas we all do, meeting other "sailors" in this great and glorious adventure we're on, but whose basic philosophy is: If I don't agree with it, it can't be right. Smug sob.

This one is crafty, they disguise their words in platitudes of "That's a good point" or "Oh yes, I can see how that could happen" or "maybe so, maybe so..." but inside, silently, and with unattractive smugness, they are convinced the only answers that count are the ones they've arrived at, however the method.

The Narcissistic Navigator means: He will never learn anything of import in life, as he believes he already knows it all. And should he pick up a bit of sound wisdom, he can't digest it because he's too full of himself.


Now we have The "I Paid For It Anyway" Shoplifter. I'm shamefully familiar with this thinking. This is an adult who'll polish off a bag of candy while shopping, or pop in a few grapes (which ends up being a dozen) or eat something from a package already opened, etc. When they look at the bill they feel perfectly justified having that can of salmon in each pocket (or a few Milky Ways) Anyway it's pretty much the same mode of thought: I really paid for this over and over with these high prices, so I don't feel bad.

The "I Paid For It Anyway" Shoplifter means: It's a feeling of entitlement, since we all pay now for things that used to cost half as much. We're told we're making more, it should even out. "Trickle down" theory was a deceitful sham we all fell for. This type makes it seem fair.

Aren't we humans wonderful? We find ways to deal with life's incongruities, judgments, unfair tactics, and all the general everyday mess we're forced to confront. It's heartening to see how diverse our choices are in dealing with this, the Great Experiment of Life!

Repost of 9-18-07

"Her Lover Is Dead"

TWO LOVERS. A man and a woman.

He loves her but it's not enough, he is just too sad.

He takes a gun and shoots himself as she lies sleeping.

This leaves her to deal with feelings of guilt and emptiness.

She is crushed - is it my fault? What made him so sad?

Wasn't I enough for him?


"Gonna put my tender

heart in a blender..."

Now she's broken,

he can't mend her.

Comes too soon

and gone too fast ...

sounds like tomorrow

cannot last.

Look to shadows

in the corner,

what's that shape?

another mourner.

At the grave

a plea to save

what's come undone

with one small gun.

He took a chance

and took a shot

and now she's lost

what he forgot.

Her love, his life,

his hand did take

is it her fault?

was she awake?

Why such a sadness

in his heart?

And now she cries

she's torn apart.

Comes the grief

in disbelief

that he would leave

with no reprieve

for her.....

by Cathy S. Rapicano

Repost of 3/27/08 (not based on personal experience)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Fear Not, Turkey Lovers

Why do we love Thanksgiving so much? Why do we gather to mend fences, hug family and friends, everyone smiling and dancing like we just met?

Truth: Foods high in tryp regulate your appetite, elevate your mood and help you sleep better.

Source: (if you don't believe me)


Saturday, November 21, 2009

What Did They Do And Who Let Them?

As most of you know, on 11-10 NASA held a news conference on what was found back in mid-October after they launched a lunar satellite to obtain valuable information about the content of the water on our only moon. We've always suspected ancient lakes or rivers flowed freely, liquid water, from the many canali or obvious canals for water transport discovered long ago. Now we know it's a fact. Luna was made, after all, from impacting comets, meteors and asteroids which eventually coalesced to form earth then the excess debris made up what we now see as our moon. How could it NOT possess some form of liquid water at one time? And so....

O, wait - Just for slight backround, the experiment was called LCROSS for "Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite", here's a picture. It was (literally) a smashing success, landing smack into the crater called Cabeus. Upon impact cameras were able to detect positively the plumes of vapor and faint debris, created by the now-expanded crater, made upon impact, called Centaur. Brand new crater. It's 5 miles deep. To bomb Luna we used a 2-ton kenetic weapon. For shame NASA! Above is the image taken 15 seconds after impact. You can see the plume of vapor/debris in blue, and just as important, the impact crater gouged out. And that's illegal. Read why:

DOESN'T THIS VIOLATE SPACE LAW? Resolution 2222.(XX1) adapted by the U.N. General Assembly forbids "..the modification in any way of celestial bodies, including the moon." No matter how much we could learn from LCROSS, it doesn't balance with the environmental damage we are legally bound to PREVENT. Yet we plunged a giant crater into Luna on a water-seeking and colonization experiment. Hell we're damaging it before we even get there, is this not insane?? And don't forget as always, follow the money and you'll see the true agenda.

Why? Because as I say, cosmologists have known for some time about the moon's ancient waterways, so what was this, a distraction from some other agenda planned for the moon? Its topography is not suited to farming - EARTH farming as we know it NOW. But certainly a giant colony on Lunar Base 1 would grow what they needed - and what would they need? WATER. For farming and to drink. And if the water's already there someone will make a king's ransom.

Just on a happier note, I wonder why a satellite like the moon would
NOT use the advantages of liquid water so very long ago in it's history... by (very) simple deduction, life may've flourished there in ways very foreign to our thinking. Nothing humanoid or reptilian - but bacterial - living in many pools of ooze, deep bogs maybe - just as it happened here on earth.

NASA is missing the point, and very well have gotten in too deep with the monied lobbyists who fund these projects our shruken budget can't cover. Well, I don't want another John Rothschild or Rockefeller as Emperor Elite of the Colony of Luna. He'd probably rename it anyway - Rothsmoon? Or how does Rockeluna sound to you?
In every way definable, like crapola.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"In Flanders Fields"

In Flanders Fields the poppies blow
between the crosses, row on row, that mark our place;
and in the sky, the larks - still bravely singing - fly
scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
we lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
loved and were loved, and now we lie
in Flanders Fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you, from failing hands, we throw
the torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die,
we shall not sleep, though poppies grow
in Flanders Fields.

Lt. Col. John McCrae, MD
( 1872 - 1918 )

Thursday, November 5, 2009

"No Casket For Me Please"

Lay me down in a bed of grass

when my body dies, that it may pass

deep into the essence of

this glorious earth I do so love.

But until that time:

My heart gives rise to the high places,

how transcendent is God in these spaces!

Where trickster breezes weave through my hair

and the miracles of life are everywhere.

Then soon:

As a falling leaf, my cheek it doth kiss

this life I know I'll sorely miss;

so when you note my long, last nod,

just place me in the soft, green sod.

By Cathy S. Rapicano - June 4, 2006

Monday, November 2, 2009

Day Of The Beloved Dead

Celebrating and recalling our dead is a proclamation to LIFE would you not agree? Don't we speak to our loved ones, departed from their earthly shackles and shame, now on another plane, a dimension far beyond our comprehension? Deep in your secret heart, are you not happy for their victory?
I know I talk to those I've lost to the next life.
Not lost to death.

The next step.
And today 11-2 is All Soul's Day, a time to celebrate the glory of the lives gone on ahead of us. Not death. It is not for a fool's use, not for a religious scheme.

Although it has its origins in
the catholic faith, many varied ways of celebrating this feast have long departed from the standard religious "prayerful" tradition.
Today people gather to make skulls from candy, bring baskets of fruit to the cemetery in offering and joy as they remember those they l
ove, they dress up and in some places special caves are kept where the skulls of ancestors are kept, in proper decorum. A far cry from the Western view of a dead body, eh?
I like this one better.
My loved ones were not the s
um of their bodily parts. They had emotions and ideas. They had LOVE. They had LIFE. And this is the day I intend to honor what stays alive long after we're dust again.