Saturday, May 28, 2011


OKAY who likes unexplained, unexpected, annoyingly unreasonable surprises? ME NEITHER! Yet I see the pictures of my "Very Special Humans" have all disappeared. Poof! Just....gone. Aliens? Devils? Perplexing indeed. Have a look, do you see even one?

Discounting t
hat everyone didn't simply click off the page, I must assume blogspot is angry at me for my lengthy absence I've been favoring the ever-handy FACEBOOK. Yes, I have the bug....RETURN MY HUMANS o spot of blog! I'll give you until the world ends (again) on 12-21-12.

Actually, it may not m
atter will it LOL ... Many wacky folks were embarrassed and shocked this 5/22 when the world stayed put. Yet if they're right about 2012 we may not have an earth, no blogs, NO Book of Faces. Scary, eh?
Note to self.........I'm bouncing for joy..... THEM not you.....