Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tonight a Harvest Moon

How much do you want to see this, I mean no matter how much pollution if the sun is shining, the moon can be seen and at this time it's a wondrous Harvest Moon. So much has happened this month, especially with Jupiter, still happening and yet to happen. I'm hopeful about our full moon, the aptly named "harvest moon" and what it'll bring to the eye. It will "tug" at your body, you can feel the changes - have you felt oddly depressed or moody or at least kind of introspective lately? Yeah, it's her it's Luna.

e feel out of step or "in the wrong body" you can try this to see if you're being affected:

Simply walk on a hard surface and try to concentrate on your body's central gravitational core. Just walk slowly in your most "balanced" and customary state. If your central core feels slightly higher or lower, you're one of those millions who are very effected by the moon's phases. (It's Luna's phases, not her brilliance, which cause these oddities). Cancerians are ruled by the moon and experience great physical changes.

The Harvest Moon is was so named to give people more time
to bring in the harvest, more light. And there's a few odd things that happen. For instance, the higher fertility rate amongst all life during this time has a basis in science. The photic or light signals sent by the retina and lens of the eye are converted into hormonal signals by the pineal gland. This gland signals the onset of puberty in humans and plays a large part in the fertility rhythms of all species. In other animals (which reproduce seasonally) it is the changing light patterns which trigger the fertility cycle.

Of course the human animal reproduces monthly, and the one natural light source which has a monthly periodic table is, of course, the moon. (An interesting note for the ladies: The menstrual cycle is actually a shedding process as you know. Just as the average cycle is 28 days in length, the human body sheds a layer of skin approximately every 28 days. We're connected to the moon. Fascinating!)

These pictures above are actual shots of the Harvest Moon.

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And just because it's stunning, watch this meteor fall to earth from 2006, it reminds me how complex life is. THAT is part of ME which is part of YOU and we're part of EVERYTHING.
WE ARE THE STUFF OF STARS ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~