Friday, June 3, 2011

Pakistan Is An American Target

Disagree if you wish. You'll want to know more details about the Pakistani and American relationship.

The strategy towards Pakistan has changed, especially since the recent assassination of Usama bin Laden - this was also a true propaganda ploy aimed at targeting Pakistan, I believe. As for bin Laden, he's left to the criminal history he created.

To understand why American looks to this land, just examine the growing military and strategic ties between Pakistan and China - our primary global rival. It makes sense to me. We've written this land down for destabilization. It is likely to continue until full collapse.What is not mentioned in any discussion on this topic is the role of of the military and intelligence communities in making it all a reality. We'll see increasing military excursions into Pakistan and very direct action to fulfill our own future goals.

This is a Muslim nation. When will we keep out of sovereign countries who only want to work out their differences without "help" from two-faced Western alliances?

We don't belong there.