Monday, October 21, 2019

Miracle of a Star

             💥  Carina Nebula  💥

Each day is a wonder, a miracle of universal life - it's everywhere.  I know there's life in the outer regions of space because it would be ludicrous to think it only happened here on Earth.   We know the immediate cosmos we live in was subject to the same bombardment of asteroids and meteors that this planet has endured - which brought life here - so to me, it is  endlessly everywhere.  Someday, we'll know for sure.  For now, we reach for our star, SOL, for warmth and light.  Without it, we would disappear.

We live each day as if we'll not be given another, and try not to waste a second of this precious gift.  When we sleep we breathe, our brain gives us pictures in dreams, and we wake to another day not promised.  At least, we hope to.  When I close my eyes I'm already dreaming, and I always expect to see another sunrise - the break of day that is ushered in by SOL.  Shining and sparkling before me, this star guides us in the light and is still there in the dark, though we don't see it - but it's always there.  Our Star.

Just as Luna, our moon, is always there whether visible or not, so is our Sun, always there, as we circle it and get our life from it.  All earthlings reach up to it, in gratitude.  So it always was - but will not always be, as stars have life so they have their deaths, and in those deaths are new stars born.  Without death there would be no new life.  It's a cycle.  💥