Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rain Cannot Hide Our Tears

How unusual, this odd fact - that even in storms of great rainfall, as you run to hurry home, face wet with rain, passbersby can tell with certainly that you've been crying. Is it the downcast red eyes? the quiet sobs?

How is it complete strangers can detect our most personal expression of both grief and joy? When a stranger cries, why is our first second of response a slight discomfort?

We humans are completely frustr
ating illogical animals with both generosity and greed living in the same soul, we have hearts that can be broken then go off to break another's. Life to us can hold value, worth and mystery, while at the same time we seek to find a way to "kill the day". Just ... killing time.

We enjoy our place of honor as the only animal with self-awareness; we know when looking in a mirror that it's not another person, it's ourselves. And we enjoy knowing that.
What are we? The stuff of stars?
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Big Mark 243 said...

Oh ... I dunno, I think that we as creatures have not utilized the true gift of being self aware, and instead have allowed for our ego to take us out of the real circle of life.

I keep thinking of Agent Smith and his comparison to man as a virus infecting Earth ...(haven't seen '...stood still', but from the trailers, I think that it takes a similiar path as that line does)

Man lives outside of nature far more than he lives within. It is possible that we are doing great harm to the planet, and we don't care. That is what I think when people develop things that they know is going to harm the planet. For me, I can't STAND stupid, unecessary vehicles (you may know them as SUV's), and how purposeless they are in day to day life.

But unlike a prey animal, who only eats his fill, we will use up what is there until it is gone, even forsaking the chance to develop other alternatives. Anyway ...

Missy said...

We are an odd species aren't we?


Cathy said...

To Mark: True, we're the only animal who steals habitats of others then eats them. I saw "..Stood Still" as a young teen and never forgot those images. But the human urge to test the edges of implosion as a species is what fascinates me, even while we know we're doing it. There's life somewhere in Andromeda but we'll never make it in time. And if we did, why would we act any different? Good people are rushing like mad to hold back the end but there aren't enough of them. I rate homo sapien sapiens as an unsuccessful species.

Big Mark 243 said...

Something had me check back, to see if you maybe replied ... good thing that I did!

Don't know about 'success' or anything, because this is all I know. Again, the ego thing, because how can you ponder something so huge, when the purposes of your own existence is still a mystery?

Trees said...

I suppose I am looking at this entry somewhat different than most, to me we are the very essence of our souls, they let us laugh, and cry experience joy and sorrow and make us whom we are as we go on our life's journey. We grow and develop and learn, hopefully. the lesson and the purpose we are sent here for. Bust most all I believe we are here to be blessed with friends like you Luddie, your never cease to amaze me at your knowledge. No indeed rain cannot hide our tears, but a friend can stop them by a kind word, a friend like you. God bless.