Sunday, June 4, 2006

"No Casket For Me, Please"

Lay me down in a bed of grass     

when my body dies, that it may pass

deep into the essence of

this glorious earth I do so love.

       But until that time:                       

My heart gives rise to the high places, 

how transcendent is God in these spaces!   

Where trickster breezes weave through my hair, 

and the miracles of Life are everywhere. 

         Then soon:                                                          

As a falling leaf my cheek doth kiss,  

This life, I know I'll sorely miss;

so when you note that long, last nod,

just place me in the soft, green sod.     





queenb8261 said...

Thanks for sharing this poem..
No casket for me either.  I told my hubby he can take a trip with the money he would spend on a funeral.  And I don't care what he does with my ashes. I have a friend (a drinker) who when the same subject comes up of cremation she tells this: She says,"when Wayne (her husband) dies, I'm going to have him ground up, put in a douche and run him through one more time!"  I hope her humor did not offend you in anyway.  She has quite a raunchy sense of humor.  LOL
Hope you have a good Sunday.

luddie343 said...

Barb my friend, your comment had me laughing like a looney bird at 2 a.m.!  What would we do without humor, eh?  Thanks for reminding me!  Huggies, Cathy  

siennastarr said...

It would be nice... I think... if it could be that way, but, it could get a bit stinky.. just laying there, rotting away.  Guess they would have to find a special island or something, for just dead bodies.  Okay, I think too much, I know...

I opt to for cremation.  I don't want to be stuck in the ground for the rest of my dead life.  Just blow me in the wind, thank you very much! :)


lurkynat said...

sweet cathy!
howareyou doing?

luddie343 said...

Quik note to Jackie:  Actually, there's no odor when a body is buried - none that we could detect.  If humans were wrapped in linen and buried in the ground at least 8 feet below to start, with subsequent bodies buried on top of them, the decay that takes place would fertilize the ground, help enrich the soil, i.e., wouldn't go to waste.  Think of the Civil War, all the bodies that were quickly buried beneath the earth.  It's one of the reasons the grass is so deep-colored and almost blue in the southern States (true!) simply because human remains which had decayed in the earth enriched that soil a thousand-fold.  Cathy  

Anonymous said...
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