Saturday, October 7, 2006

Prayer For All Souls

At the request of Jude from the previous entry, here is the prayer for departed souls, on the reverse side.  For anyone who's "lost" a beloved one, here are the comforting words:

Gracious God of Life, I am grateful for the saints and souls you have graced my life with.  My heart is touched as they pass into eternal llife.

With great confidence, I comend to You my loved ones, family members and friends, who are no longer here on this earthly journey of faith.

At times of sadness, when You call them home, may my sorrow be comforted by faith in Your goodness - that life is merely changed, not ended, even though they are unseen to me.

Lord Jesus, welcome me, and all those for whom I pray, into eternal life to share Your Resurrection with God in glory.

St. Therese, intercede for me.

St. Therese, welcome my loved ones.

St. Therese, strength my faith.