Saturday, May 19, 2007

"Reflecting Love"

How know you this, my heart,

so well crafted in your wording tender?

not one place holds the odd part

of your sentiments, endearing;

draw me near -

and I shall regale you of times

such as no other

when even the lowliest of sister,

without the protection of gallant brother,

could dream of such

as your loving ministrations,

and doth not the same questions

hold firm today

in love's contemplations?

From the hale, hearty men

not given to the pedantic,

come such blooms received in abundance

passed from hand to breast

courting you eager and romantic.

Able am I to tell

of such times held so sweet,

for who to know it better

than one so foolish as to have lost it,

and the cost?  Your heart's desire

now with bitterness replete.

How far more true

do we know what once we had

at its departing;

 seeing love's bold hue

on the faces of those

wearing proudly rings of gold

these dear lovers, two.

A natural to melancholy

some would seem to be made,

while despising false pity

which comes for no reason,

unbidden in that life chosing to be

lived on its own -  and if naught else,

should such a one have need

or be prone to adore a thing,

could always love

each changing season ...





ab45yui said...

I can hear the spinet playing in the background and Emma Thomson reading this! Very good!

mutualaide said...

Oh gosh ... you brought me back.  I can hear a soft but strong female voice reciting this ...

firestormkids04 said...

Cathy . . . wonderful!  Touching, my friend.  Blessings,  Penny

libragem007 said...

Hi Cathy, did you made the moving graphic? so cool!
Wishing you a wonderful Sunday,
Gem :-)

sassydee50 said...

Luddie~I sure enjoyed reading this! Hope you had a nice weekend~Hugs, Deb

treesrgreen78 said...

i must be in the dark ages i thought this was your poem sounds from the comments it is  not  or I am just not focused.

luddie343 said...

Cathy 2 Trees:  Yes I wrote it, I always put my "csr" initials after everything I write.  Don't know how you got the wrong impression, I do tend to write in an archaic style.  But everything in my Journal was written by me, unless otherwise noted.  Hope you liked it!  

Anonymous said...
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