Friday, August 10, 2007

Name That Kid

Those are my parents with 3 out of what became 8. My Father had this endearing habit of assigning us nicknames as each was born and started growing. They never made a lick of sense, but stick to this day. He's been in the Light since 1988, only lived 67 years, yet these childhood memories linger like perfect trophies of an easier time.

Here's the countdown in order of age, and the respective monikers he gave us (I have NO idea what some meant to him).

Marianne ..... Fat Belly McGirk

Cathy ......... Koogay Sinatra, Sheriff Puddy

Chris .......... Redi-Roosche

Richard ....... Prince Montalban

Linda .......... Lolly-Looper

Karen ......... Gogey Green

Johnny ........ Booshie Bear, Boosh Boy

Sean ........... Pome Pome (his first name's Robert, no one ever called him that)


As we've aged, seems we've developed our own version of this naming thing, using several, which came about quite by accident after personalities developed:

Marianne ...... Mern, The Claw, Maddiooche

Cathy .......... Luddie pron LOOdee(as in Ludwig vB), Ptinski

Chris ........... Tee, Manuel Labor, Rappy, Fritz

Ricky ........... Louie Louie Louie, The Schooch

Linda ........... Dewey, Linny, Rose

Karen .......... Butter, Greeny

Johnny ....... John

Sean .......... Sean (which is odd since he has a strong Scorpian personality.)



sassydee50 said...

Hey Luddie~Thanks for the comment!..I just love hearing anecdotes about grown-up childhoods. Funny about all the nicknames! Did your Dad ever call you and start to go through all the other siblings names first? Mine did that sometimes. Yes, full Chrisitan names meant you were in trouble all right--esp. if the middle and last names were used. It meant big trouble for my father when my mother did that! LOL...Lately I have been having the best reoccuring memory...It was when we all took a ride to this Sealtest ice cream place and got huge cones. Dad enjoyed taking us so much and I even remember what flavors we liked... Have a great weekend! PS. How old is your daughter --is she your only child--and are you a granny? Deb ;-)

onehenn3chicks said...

Awww too cute!!  I liked lolly looper the best.  LOL.  :-D


luddie343 said...

(Author)Cathy 2 Deb(Sass):  Sure AM a granny!  My daughter's 37, son 39 in Nov.  All my grans live much too far away to my liking.  :-( But they're busy making their own great memories and I know I'm part of that.  Good seeing you here!  xoxo  

ma24179 said...

Those are very original nicknames! Very cute too. I bet you miss your father...I am very close to mine tOo. - Missy

preciousone25 said...

What GREAT memories you have of your father, and what cute ways of showing his affection for each of you!!!  I have a weird one for my son too.... Goopoo or Kigoopoo.... weird, I know.


preciousone25 said...

Oh, BTW, You're bros HOT.... can I say that??   LOL!!!

Take Care,

luddie343 said...

(Author) Cathy 2 Joann:  You sure can!  And I'll pass it on to him, he's one of those rare male blushers lol!  Thanks xoxo

kirkbyj05 said...

What lovely memories you have!  My mother went down the list of my siblings names until she got to the right!...she never could hit the right one straight away.  My daughter's nick name is Mamfa (Samantha) and my son sometimes got R2D2 instead of Martin.  My own nickname was 'Gentle' which I got from my mother. My grandaughter is called Hollie but gets Woo sometimes.  We don't know!  You have made me look back in the past again with this lovely entry.  Thanks for that Cathy!
Jeanie xx

gazker said...

I am still trying to work out why my brother was nicknamed Butchy, when his name was Iain!
Gaz x

rockoned7 said...

This made me giggle somewhat.

Years ago, my younger brother called me Piedy and it was taken by older people as Paddy which was in my terms, a detogary remark.

Piedy then made some sparks fly much to the astonishment of his parents and the ones who called him that.

What's in a name then, Ptinski?

swmpgrly said...
how do you keep track.

ab45yui said...

That is so funny, dad gave us nicknames too, but I don't dare share

lanurseprn said...

Love the nicknames! You kids were so cute...and WOW your mother could have been a fashion model!! She was gorgeous!

gehi6 said...

I love the names people come up with for the baby.  My son started calling my baby daughter Skunkety goose and it stuck for a long time.  My son Dan was always Speedy Gonzales. This old photo is very clear and good, and I wondered where that screen name Luddie came from!  Gerry  

dizarra said...

LOL I guess every family had those nick names! Thanks for sharing-and for visiting me! ~Diane~

valphish said...

That is so sweet.  I love hearing about your family, my Cateri.  I don't think we all have many nicknames.  There are six children in my family, and gee, we didn't do the nickname thing, really.  Interesting.  Love you!!  Your forever Maire xox

herlippy1 said...

Your Dad sounds like he was quite a character Cathy, what names he came up with...LOL  My Mom did that as well, but only had 3 kids, and each only had one name.  Mine was Lippy...:)  Great entry, keep um coming...!!!


jmorancoyle said...

    We were saddled with names as well. I would say that your father's is a bit nicer than ours were.

princesssaurora said...

That is so funny!  My hubby calls Pumpkin Shorty McGirk sometimes!  LOL

Thanks for sharing this...

be well,

bhbner2him said...

Ah, the joy of nicknames!  So precious and endearing.  Sometimes frustrating.  -  Barbara

motoxmom72 said...

Bering raised in the burbs and having family in the City of of my nicknames is just "G".  Yo ya doin?  As my cuz in philly used to do all the time and still does to this day.  As for any others......maybe someday I'll mention it.

queenb8261 said...

We didn't really have "nice" dad's nickname for me was PeePot for a while. I was a bed wetter. An hispanic couple were my day care providers and the Dad calls me Barbara to this day...I''m 53.  

xxroxymamaxx said...

Oh my goodness, I was so rhyming with mud! lol  From now on it rhymes with moo.  promise!  Love, Shelly

luddie343 said...

Cathy 2 Shelly:  Shelly Shelly bo-belly banana-fanna fo-felly, mi-my-moe-melly - Shelleeee!  LOL sorry just couldn't resist!  Hey wait!  You ARE old enuf to know that song, yes?  Good seein ya!!      

mutualaide said...

I'm going to check Mr.'s link, but before I do ... let me tell you not one of us ever had a knicknames.  We were:  Maryanne, Barry and Kathleen.   Always.  I was the only one who was named for someone (and that was an accident).  Aunt Kitty was also Kathleen but no one was allowed to call me Kitty ... or Kathy, Kat, Kate, Kay.  pfft.

I was so calling you Luddie not Loodie!  Sorry, it'll take me a while to change that!  LOL