Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wolf Hunt - Who's Nuts Here??

Arent't you amazed and struck silent at the incredibly natural sight of a wild animal, a wolf perhaps?  Who doesn't know the legends and myths passed down for generations through our American Indian brothers about this mystical, magical creature.  Wolves are precious, they're the forebears of the canine pets we've all come to love so much, for their unquestioning love, loyalty, companionship.

The clock is TICKING for the wolves of the Yellowstone region.  If we don't act now, wolves in Wyoming and Idaho could face aerial gunners as soon as this fall.  And this, while they are still protected under the Endangered Species Act.

We have until this MONDAY August 6th to flood the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service with comments opposing this new anti-wolf proposal. 

The Bush/Cheney Show is ready to sanction the killing of more than half the wolves in the Yellowstone area and parts of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.  These proposals would set the stage for gunning these wonderful creatures from the air.  Shooting them down from the sky as they run for their lives from the sound of helicopters.  BANG!

Remember the successful reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone National Park a decade ago, how overjoyed we were?  Those wolves could now be shot on sight, even in National Forests and Wilderness Areas, if they leave the safety of the park.  This is courtesy of the Bush/Cheney Travelling Hideous Show.     

I'm not political but for cryin out loud!!  Come on, this is criminal!  It took so long to repopulate our land with these beautiful, natural creatures, our brother life-forms whose planet we share.  You can sign a petition if you want, here it is, you can watch the little video and listen to what Bush says.  There are plenty of activists who do this for a living God bless them and I'm not going to sit and let them do my job, not on this issue.Stop the Latest Assault on Our Wolves Petition Thanks for listening! 



pharmolo said...

Have signed, Cathy

rockoned7 said...

Cathy this is what I sent them earlier today. Hope you approve? Thanks for your blog

"My dearest cousins abroad,
It sickens me that we cannot leave nature to take care of nature's problems. If there are too many of them in Yellowstone send them here, send them anywhere, but to cull them is downright narrow minded thinking and the next on your list may be mankind itself.

To half the world you are leaders of men but to me you are the nothing but blind half-cast morons that have no place the the world's table of nations.

Deplorable behaviour from deplorable thinkers."

bhbner2him said...

I need to read up on this.  Not familiar with the area or the situation.  I was on the pipeline in a box stand on the ground one deer season and three grown wolves come walking the pipeline together.  They passed not 10 feet from me.  All I could do was watch in amazement.  Later, plenty of folks said "you should got them varmits they eat our deer."  I kinda thought it was us eating thier deer.  I'd shoot anything that came into my yard and threatened my pets or livestock, but I'm not gonna go out into thier environment and start killing things I cannot eat.  -  Barbara

luddie343 said...

autor Cathy 2 Barbara:  As devil's advocate for a moment, some would say this is already their environment, we're the species taking up too much land with our uncontrolled numbers.  And I agree, deer are no one's possession, they belong in nature, as prey for natural predators such as wolves.  Not us, we have enough to eat, yes?  I would protect my own as well, but not by taking another life.  Must be a better way.  Thanks for your continued insight and the thought I see goes into your comments!    

jmorancoyle said...

    Great post. I wasn't aware that this was coming up. I do remember seeing something about the ranchers in the area complaining about the damages the returning wolves were doing, and how unfair it was to them to raise domestic animals only to have the wolves attack. How horribly sad. If there were a way that could make both parties happy here, that would be great. Humans can negotiate. How do you explain that to a wolf? Anyway, I agree that they (the wolves) need continued protection. I will contact my Congressman and Senator.
P.S.: Your journals is becoming one of my all time favorites just because of the level of information you pass on regularly. Keep up the good work.

princesssaurora said...

When will the madness of this administration end???

will sign the petition

be well,

sassydee50 said...

Dear Cathy~Hiya; how ya doing? Will sign petition. BAH to Bush and Cheny; I wrote them off long ago. All of God's creatures are precious to me; certainly wolves have particular allure. Remember Whisper form Chat long ago? She keeps two wolves as pets and runs with them every day. xox Deb ;-)

luddie343 said...

Author (Cathy) to all:  Thank you for taking the trouble of signing.  I noticed my signature was 11,973 and now in but a few days almost 17,000.  The better angels of our nature will out when needed, I'm happy to note.  XOXOXO

valphish said...

I signed this, my dear Cateri, fellow friend of animals.  Thank you so much for posting this.  Love, your Maire. xox

preciousone25 said...

Thank you, I hadn't heard about this.... it's an outrage, I'm going there right now, and I'm sending the sight out to others!!!


geminirising12 said...

Why is it always "this administration" that is to blame for everything that happens on this rapidly evolving Earth of ours???  I was not aware that Bush & Cheney were this important!!! My, my - from the sound of all of the comments, Cathy, it actually seems like they are more special than God Himself!!!  Maybe it is time for some of us to "get a life'beyond politics !!!  MJH

luddie343 said...

author 2 Mjh:  Thanks for commenting, but this is a matter defining the sanctity of life, not politics.  It would'nt matter what administration was seated, instead what matters is if laws like this can be passed w/o anyone being aware.  Yes?  

mutualaide said...

The world makes little sense on some days.  I live in an area that twenty years ago was rural.  It's more bedroom community now but still lovely and country and busy with wildlife.  From, beaver, birds, rabbits to fox to raccoon to deer to ... bear!  Yes BEAR (now and again) ... I watch them from my window or deck and let them pass through my life -- these brief encounters are the reason I live where I do.  I  understand the natural cycle of life but I can't promote re-introduction one year and then ten years later ...  hunting.  That is disgusting.