Friday, June 13, 2008

Gramma's Driving Again, Watch Out!

(little repost from 9/21-06)

A much-needed laugh courtesy of my pal Winky:


So here's this trooper sitting on the side of the road to catch speeders.  A cars sputters by at only 22 mph and he thinks, hey this is as dangerous as speeding.  So he stops the car.  The driver is a sweet, smiling old lady.  Her passengers, however, are white-faced wide-eyed old ladies who appear very frightened.  The trooper feels bad and explains to the driver that 22 is the Route, not the speed limit.

"O thank you, Officer!"  says the driver.

Officer Nice can't help himself, he asks if everyone in back is alright.

"O they'll be alright in a minute.  We just got off Route 127."

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tre2slim said...

i did not get it was it a joke cause i forgot to laugh HAHa( not)

ab45yui said...

LOL, that was great!

pamal3 said...

Lol. Hey my starlady that was so cool. Really funny. Love Pam xx

rockoned7 said...

Had a great laugh at that one lol Nice one lol

valphish said...

Oh, this is funny!  Can I use it for my joke sending and posting, honey?  Let me know if you can!  Love, your Maire xox

lanurseprn said...

HA HA HA That was funny!

shrbrisc said...

lol that was so funny and reminds me so much of my mom

mutualaide said...

Very cute!

aimer said...

Thanks for the great laigh. This was so cute!--Sheria