Wednesday, June 11, 2008

When You Have to Say It

I intended to post about the Mars expedition of our remarkable satellite Phoenix, with a first-look at the pix and all, but something need be said and I'll be a mess if I don't just ramble on:


Sometimes I forget how human people are.  How fragile they can be.  I forget that I'M human or that just because I don't understand something completely, doesn't mean I've a right to spout about it as if I knew what it truly was.  This may confuse many, and for that I wish I could explain, but one person will know where my heart is, and mind, and that for several months perhaps, I've been a bit "off" and that's putting it nicely.  I've been a pain.  With no excuse that counts.

To my mind, people are more important than issues or agendas, that must be right.  Having people as friends, especially once you've truly made them, is integral to continued living and learning.  Growing.  Going out of one's way not to harm them is a priority no matter how unaware one might be of that harm.  I'd say we all have alot to learn from each other, ABOUT each other.

I know someone who proffers wisdom as easily as telling a good joke.  This is a person with infinite patience yet a stubborn streak that is almost endearing, though at first I didn't recognize the "dear".  This is someone who seems to know me well, better at times than I do myself, which startles me when thinking on it.  I thought I was my own expert.  Have you ever done that?


To end this ramble I want to send you all my heart-felt appreciation that you visit here and read my ramblings, what interests me, my dreams, my poems, and yes, my collossal gaffes.  For as I said, to be human is to be fragile; yet hopefully with each lesson, each turning point, we grow stronger and more decent for the knowledge of it.   




treesrgreen78 said...

Amen my friend people who come in to our lives, whether for a short time or a long time or a lifetime become whether in a small way or a very large important way very much a part of our life.  Yes once in a great while, we will meet the person who has some uncanny way of knowing what you are thinking or feeling before you even know it or out of the blue you will hear from them when for a long while they have not been in contact, it is usually when one is hurting or just needing a friendly hello.  I have been told I could be the Queen of stubborn, but all in all I also can reach out when someone is in need and know that there needs are more important than my own because God has chosen to put them in my life.  We may never meet those of whom we speak to on this very magical machine, we call a computer, but the people that touch are lives on here can be far more important and meangingful in our lives than those immediately surrounding us in real time.  For me I have found that some people may just touch my life briefly and then there are some that have a very profound effect on my life, those that will always be part of who I am those, who will always and forever be my friend, just like Luddie.  Thank you for reaching out across the miles and touching my life in a very special way that has made me grow, made be a better person and a very much richer person having known you my friend.

luddie343 said...

Ah, the little tree that could.  The compassionate, funny, dear person I met in a time seeming as yesterday but years now passed.  I treasure the friendship we made and will never be silent in proclaiming it.  You give me more credit that deserved, my friend, if I've enriched your life in any way it's only because you inspire such things as loyalty and love.  (((#)))

pamal3 said...

My Starlady. You are wonderful. Love Pam xx

jmorancoyle said...

    What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Or so they say. I enjoy coming here because I enjoy learning. I enjoy your perspective. And I like that sometimes you've made me think about what it is you've written about. I'm more into history than I am astronomy, but everything is good. Take care.

shrbrisc said...

Everyone is entitled to their opionion and if people don't agree they should agree to disagree .. accepting others way of looking things is my challenge but I deal with it . you are great

princesssaurora said...

{{{ Cathy }}}  Hang in there dear one... we all have good times and bad times and cranky and stupid times too!  Love your journal always!

be well,

attitudeslc said...

You mean your human???  Hmmm I stand corrected, here all along I thought you were perfect!!! xoxox love you!  love reading you and your rants.

hugs Rosemary

mutualaide said...

Well now Cath, you are a very smart and wise woman.  ;)