Sunday, September 21, 2008

Patrick's Saturday 6 On A Sunday

Think I'll surprise myself and do Patrick's question thing, haven't done it in awhile. Patrick’s Place » Saturday Six - Episode 232 What a yawn I can be lol.  Okay let's do some C and P-ing here:

1. Do you think that capital punishment — as the system now operates — is a deterrent to crime on any level? Holy crap NO.

2. With changes and/or improvements to the justice system designed to better enforce capital punishment, do you think it could be a better deterrent to crime? Never.  "Improvements" to this system of justice would mean removing the option of death as "punishment".  You can change a bad law but not an unethical one - for that you'd have to abolish it - and you can't legislate moral conscience.     

3.  Should the punishment a man receives who kills a pregnant woman be worse than the punishment a man who kills a non-pregnant woman faces?

No, though you're killing two in the first instance, or the potential for two.  But it doesn't matter - 1 or 1,000, taking life is murder, murder is an immoral choice, and making that choice should mean the same punishment each timeit's done.  Yes, I mean Hitler should get the same 25 to life as the guy who strangles his cheating wife.  Life is life is life, none is more valuable than another's.  If you give the first guy more time because the woman was pregnant (hence another potential life) then it's like saying the non-pregnant woman's life was less valuable 

 4. Take the quiz: What Felony Are You? Help yourselves to this one, guys, I saw my answer and almost called the police to come and arrest me.  So, I'm staying mum on my felony, I have an ego to think of!

5. You stop by a post office to run in and mail a letter, knowing you’ll only be inside the building for 10 seconds. To park close to the door, there are only two options: you can either park in an open handicapped space (and assume you don’t have a handicapped permit) or park illegally in the fire lane. Would you take a handicapped space, park in the fire lane, or park in a legitimate, legal space and walk? Tricky.  Since I'm handicapped, my answer is already biased.  But if I wasn't?  I'd park in the fire lane for those 10 seconds and risk the ticket - and other's lives I guess.  But it's truth, sad to admit.  I'd take the illegal space and rush those 10 seconds into 5 if I could, always watching for the cops. 

6. Should police target people who use marijuana when there is no legitimate medicinal need for it? No.  This is the trick question, right?


Hey this wasn't so bad.  Thanks Jude, I clipped it from your place.                




sdrogerson said...

What great and thoughful answers.
Maybe because I agree but them I am in the US so most of the issues are not relevant.

luddie343 said...

Ah Stuart, me fine Scotsman, I ken what ya meant t'say lol yer NOT in the US.  But surely the ideas are still relevant no matter where ya make yer domicile. eh?  Ok goin to make some tatties and mince now - yum!  (no haggis)

bhbner2him said...

Nice to know that Patrick is still in the blogasphere spinning out Saturday Six questions!  -  Barbara

laineygthatsme said...

Managed to get your blog ‘though I sent you mail regarding it.

Short answer is that depends where you are in the world does it not? It is not a universal application is it? The law must have some deterrent value or else life itself becomes cheap. In principle, I am against capital punishment but I am also against the release of those who kill and have the opportunity of doing that again. Some say the punishment should fit the crime and depending on where you are in the world then this does act as a deterrent whereas in other places it certainly does not.

We are a race capable of doing horrendous things to our fellow humans and murder is just one of them. Cathy, see how much you do that with my language though an improvement one may say. Glayva

jmorancoyle said...

    Hey, no problem! Enjoyed your answers.

shrbrisc said...

very interesting lol

sdrogerson said...

thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog!
Feel free to email if you want!

sassydee50 said...

Thought provoking, as usual, and funny. Sassy

queensw33tie said...

Luddie, I'm going to post this in mine. Your answers are interesting but I do see some things a little differently than you. Have a great night!


gazker said...

I agree with all of this but don't understand the question, 'what's your fellony?'

Cathy said...

Gaz, I believe the makers of that questionairre are playing with nouns so we'll assume they mean we are all felons lol. Just to get you to take the test I suppose.