Thursday, November 6, 2008

Who Would Ever Want To Be King?

To be fair, I'd look tired too. It's understandable considering what our President-Elect is faced with - he won't have the typical honeymoon of most PE's. But he wanted the job, felt he could do it, now he's got it. I'm hopeful about his goals. But let's see what he's up against:

Rampant financial panic in all areas of investment and savings.
Loss of trust in our institutions.
Loss of trust in
our elected leaders.
Continuing corruption
in the halls of justice.
True democracy never practiced in this country.
No jobs, no salaries to su
pport a family.
No health care.

3rd-rate education.
Money bleeding out of this country into an illegal war.
Who need go on ....

If you do nothing, it means you really don't mind how things are.

You don't mind that your savings have been jeopardized and your taxes will explode.
You don't mind that many will pay nothing while you pay double for the same thing.
It doesn't bother you that your kids in college will have to use the lottery system to vie for jobs.
You don't see a problem with perpetual inflation (it's made to go on forever, like fiat currency and debt creation)
It doesn't concern you that America
n is a 2rd-world country fast becoming a 3rd.

To change what we need done takes the fire and commitment we once saw decades ago. When something works against you, it seems your responsibility to stand up and fight it. Be counted as someone who won't follow along like sheeple anymore. Yet unfortunately, I don't see it happening, and worse, I can count myself amongst the guilty of today.
  • People are content as long as they have theirs.
  • Most don't want to be seen as "unpatriotic" by asking for a better way, so they remain quiet.
  • We pay for overpriced goods because no one wants to picket the stores and complain in public, en masse.
  • We wait hours in emergency rooms because we can't afford medical insurance and are willing to accept that.
  • We send our children to what we know is probably a 3rd rate education because no one can afford to pay teachers what they deserve. (We could if we made sacrifices)
  • We let the obscenely rich oil conglomerates hold back on the R&D needed to implement all the alternative energy sources at our disposal, ready to be utilized, but gathering dust.
Once, we tried solutions for similar woes. If you're over 50 this may sound familiar:

+The YIP Party (yippies) Youth Independent Party
+SDS (Students for a Democratic Soc
+Boycotting grocery stores who sold grapes picked by low-paid striking workers, same with lettuce, et als.
+Marching on Washington to end an illegal war
+Ousting a President who planned on continuin
g it.
+Picketing the ROTC building on campus.
+Forming local self-help groups to feed, clothe and shelter ANY one without waiting for a government to care.

+Getting out and being counted.

Not all of us did these things but those who did remember that yes, change was, IS, possible. You have to want it so much it fires your every word, every action, every thought. Today, I see more apathetic people than ever before, people content to allow themselves to be used by the governing elite, the overly-rich, those who aren't content with their own, they want yours too. And they'll wave the flag in your face to get it. This isn't democracy.
So PE Obama now has an unprecedented chance to see out his promises: 95% of Americans get a tax break. More jobs being created by the influx of new housing investors. A slow "drawdown" of troops from Iraq. No tax-hike (I don't expect that one, and it's okay, we need to make sacrifices now). I want to see a politician keep at least one of his promises.


Kathy said...

I'd like to see a promise kept and I am hopeful that President-Elect Obama will be able to.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Thanks for stopping by Bucko's World.

MISSY said...

I'm hoping he'll make a difference, a nervous about him though. *M*

Karen said...

I wish you would talk to my boyfriend and tell him what I am unable to articulate. Good entry!

Stuart said...

I see hope at last for you........

Sugar said...

ty for visiting my journal & leaving a comment, hope you come again.
have a good rest of the week & comming wkend.

Louise *Star Dust* said...

What a wonderful entry! I pray that he does keep most of his promises. Our country really does need lots of changes. Let's see what happens :)

Ally Lifewithally said...

It was good to read this entry of yours ~ I do hope your new PE is able to keep his promises ~ heres hoping he can make a difference ~ Ally x

Amy said...

'Sheeple' - ha...that made me chuckle.

I agree with you. I have been asking why we can't have govt health care for years. So many go without any health care that need it desperately.

I wouldn't be President for anything. gah....the stress. I'd be in a corner crying....

Saltydawg said...

Gotcha at last! I've been looking for you. I am so plesed that Americans had the chance bring change to their country.
Gaz x

Lisa said...

Well said and I do hope the promises, the very BIG and hopeful promises are kept and do come to fruition. It is a long road ahead and the travelling is going to be difficult.

You couldn't pay me enough to be President...why anyone would actually want this position is beyond me.

Jan said...

Do politicians keep promises lol ? our dont seem to Jan xx

swmpgrly said...

Its gonna take time things are in such a

Beth said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the coming months. I'm hopeful, shall we say....

Remo said...

I have to strongly disagree. Obama has "gotten over" on the public by promising them everything they ever dreamed for. That's the oldest trick in the book. The only thing he left out was "I'll only put it in a little ways."

The Sheeple have handed the keys to the American family-car to a teenager who has no driving experience because he looks good behind the wheel.

You'll excuse me if I don't jump right in while he drives it off a cliff.

Winivere said...

I am very hopeful & I think we will see some changes but because of what I saw with Martin Luther King & the Kennedy's, I cannot help but be fearful for his life. It's funny how the worst Presidents are never assassinated!
(food for thought!)

Indigo said...

I truly hope the changes come about in this presidency. This country needs something to believe in again. (Hugs)Indigo

Lori said...

This was a VERY interesting post.

Anonymous said...