Monday, October 19, 2009

This Might Be Too Much

Now that we can congratulate ourselves on how much we love our children - more than anything - anyone - would kill for them if we had to - here's the part of the issue we always shrink away from. It's just too painful. Too far beyond our everyday experience. If you have a strong, caring heart, watch these 2 videos. The truth is, all children are everybody's children, and the next time you see someone hitting a child on the rear in the supermarket, or screaming at a toddler on the sidewalk, I implore you - don't hesitate to wonder if it's your business - go up to that adult and defend that child! Your child. My child. Everyone's child.

Remember, these videos are rough. This is the subject we don't like to think exists, that grown adults can be so cruel, so utterly without care for our helpless little ones. But it's all too common.

COPY PASTE WATCH. Then hug your child, any child, and cry. But if you can't watch, just ignore it, who could blame you.