Thursday, April 22, 2010

Calling ALL Humans

Celebrate our 40th Earth Day on this, our only home. Love EARTH!!! Love love love love.


Big Mark 243 said...

And I will be more conscious of the footprint that I leave and hopefully inspire others to be more aware, in a 'pay it forward' kind of way!!

Patrick@Caregivingly Yours said...

Considering that science might argue it's really our 4.5 billionth Earth Day and creationists our 6,000 -9,000th Earth Day, either way it is amazing we have only been acknowledging Earth Day for 40 years.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Cathy said...

Good call, Patrick - however, humans can sometimes be slow to see the obvious. I'm just grateful we put aside this day, no matter how late.

tony said...

HAPPY EARTH DAY!Sorry i'm late.....I guess that should read "days"!

natalie said...

hi Kathy!
hugs hugs hugs!:):):)
Great graphic! love ya! Please come by and leave me some comments on my blog at Lurkynat

Trees said...

Happy Earth Day my dear friend, I love the graphics so vivid.

pam said...

Hey My Star Lady. Happy Earth Day. Love Pam.xx

Barbara said...

God blessed us with such a wonderous and beautiful creation that we really should do all we can to be the very best stewards of it, even if just out of gratitude.

So much amazing detail on this earth, that it's hard to imagine what wonders await us in glory.

ADB said...

Forgot again. I think the flight disruption we had in Europe last week helped a little bit :-)

Herrad said...

It has been awhile since I visited many blogs.
Decided to do a quick visit to say hello to as many blogs as possible tonight..
Nice to visit your blog its been ages, I am sure it will not be so long again especially now my life is getting better.
I went out this afternoon for the first time since 19 August 2009 and it was brilliant.
Lovely to feel my world getting bigger again after all this time in bed.
Have a good evening and a pleasant day tomorrow.
Please visit Steve @ The Wheel Of Fortuna

Important we support him in the first weeks of his bereavement.

Highton-Ridley said...

Great blog you've got - did u ever read Godel, Escher Bach, an eternal golden braid? If not, I think you'd enjoy it tremendously - and it would feed your noggin with lots of new stuff to exercise it!

Anonymous said...
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