Monday, May 31, 2010

The Flowers of St. Claire

"I am sorry Captain, but we sisters of the Convent of Sainte Claire do not recognize your authority - only that of God. I must ask that you take your soldiers and leave us in peace."

Even as she spoke, Sister Eva was shuddering in fear as she spoke into the ice blue eyes of the Nazi enemy.

"My men and I will take this place of refuge and use it against the Americans, who are but an hour away. This will be our ambush! Gather everyone and meet in the back gardens, so I can speak to your Sisters. We will find a place you can go, but you cannot stay here. My orders are final!"

This Captain did not rise in the ranks of his fascist party just to listen to some French nun.

As the frightened Sisters rushed into the garden, holding each others hands in fear, Sister Eva begged them to be brave.

"God will protect us. Pray, pray

The Nazi Captain shouted for six of his men to follow him to the gardens. As they arrived, they stood in formation, silently awaiting orders.

Then he spoke: "You have all been found guilty of conspiracy against the leader of the Nazi party, our Fuhrer Adolph Hitler. The punishment for this is death."

When the guns were finally still, small bodies in white linen cloth were covered in blood, like the flowers that lay beneath them. The soldiers turned and without thought, continued about the further business of war.

These too, were soldiers.


Big Mark 243 said...

Such a tragic story.

Ally Lifewithally said...

This is so shocking but I know it to be true ~ War was and is so senseless Ally x

tony said...

'Without Further Thought..'......... a chilling reminder of the mindlessness of War & Conflict.

Diane J Standiford said...

Well, unwillingly soldiers of THAT war of men who killed them. Collateral damage, I've heard them called.

Aurora said...

So sad. sad and sick. I hate people with mentalities like that. It makes my skin crawl the number of people who are unthinking monsters.

be said...
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