Saturday, July 3, 2010

Somebody Bless America Damn It!!

The next time I find myself whining and whimpering about all the crapola that's wrong with this country, purposefully spelling it Amerika and poking jive remarks about immigration and who should be speaking English if they live here, and on and on...when that happens again, and it will, I'm going to kick myself. And that's not easy. But here's why:

Whether the 4th of July is the birth of Columbia as this land was first named, whether it's been stripped and straddled and broken and bruised, whether people come here for a free lunch or not, THIS IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE LAND OF MY BIRTH AND THAT'S GOT TO MEAN SOMETHING.

Every God Bless America, Land of the Potential in us All.


Anonymous said...

"I am not an Athenian, or a Greek, but a citizen of the world." ~Socrates

I feel the same way.

DB said...

Thank you for this one Cathy. I'm proud to be an American but in my journal today I list all the things I can think of that are wrong with my country. I've lived here for many decades. I've never been to another country but I think I prefer this one.


Trees said...

Hi Luddie, as you know I am not American but I have many good friends who are. Our country, like yours is in a sorry state, but I too am proud of my country and you echo many of sentiments. No matter what we were born here, unlike many who want to change everything the way their country was that they came from. I find that very ironic they came here many of them to escape their countries yet want to change our countries to be like theirs. God bless America, land that I love, and I do love it though I am not American. Also God bless Canada.

Valerie said...

Hi Cathy, I think all countries are having a hard time right now. It is a world crisis. I AM proud of this country and what we have gone through. I think most people are good at the core. They are decent. They are loving and helpful and want the best for themselves and their neighbors and would share their last meal with someone else. Love you!!!!!! Val xox

tony said...

its a bit like me being brought up a Catholic I suppose?
I cant stand The Church now, but I still get pissed-off when I hear other (non-Catholics) people's ridicule
.Like, I,ve earned the right to judge.They havnt!

ADB said...

Nothing is perfect, and neither is it wrong to highlight what could be improved. Many Americans forget that each and every one of them is of immigrant stock, whether it's going back a few years, decades or centuries. Only the native Americans have a right to complain about immigration, as they were there for up to 30,000 years. Long before that Columbus feller limped onto what are now termed American shores.

Trees said...

My ancestors were American Indian of the Potawatamee tribe in Wisconsin and my great grandparents and my grandmother are registered. So I can complain, lmao.

Ana said...

As always, thank you for saying what you think Cathy.
I'm missing you. You've not been posting lately.