Monday, September 27, 2010

Most Curious .....

Why hello. This has nothing to do with froggies. Have you noticed a drop-off in blogger-use since Facebook slammed into the e-universe? I certainly have, and damn I truly feel guilty for not blog-surfing my friends posts just to stay a part of their lives, keep the circle unbroken as a poet once said. Shamelessly uninterested in my usual habits, please excuse me while I find the right motivation.

A galactic alignment might be nice ....


Charley said...

There is truth to what you say.

Herrad said...

Hi Cathy,
Please visit my blog and pick up your You Inspire Me Award.

Jeanie said...

Well Cathy...I too have been neglecting my own blog. I still visit others,as you can see, but maybe I should make an entry of my own soon.
Congrtulations on your Award from Herrad.
Jeanie xx

Ally Lifewithally said...

Hi Cathy congratulations on your award from Herrad ~
I have not blogged as much as I once did ~ but now the nights are drawing in maybe I will have more time ~ Ally x

Anonymous said...

For a while I was on Facebook to the exclusion of my blog, but eventually I came back to my First Love. :)

Ana said...

Hi Cathy,

I have an award for you:
I know that some people don't like this awards but even so this is a way I found to tell you that you inspire me.

Maire said...

Yes. I find it often quicker to check on FB (BTW, are you on FB? If you are, I'll give you my name) I don't consider myself to be that great of a writer/blogger, but I'm trying to be more consistent.
Hugs, Maire

Maire said...

Never mind, lol, I sent you a friend request :>)

Ben said...

Right as always, Cathy. It turns out there are a lot of people who would never log onto my blog to read the unnecessary, unqualified comments and observations I posted, but would sign onto Facebook when I write them as "status updates." (It is sometimes a challenge doing it now in only 420 characters, but that's a good thing.) It's why I now restrict my blogging to food and recipes. You gotta eat!


Missy said...

Most of us have went to FB. I want to try and start blogging again though. I kind of miss it.

Rhapsody B. said... each his/her own. Personally I don't really do the "facebook" thang although I do have an account, motivated by my children years ago. I seldom visit frankly it bores me to tears.

delightful entry

abc543 said...

Cathy , I hope you can send a message to 4allofus Matt G, I feel so bad he was attacked, I tried to get an account at 4allofus but does not work at all, I really hope you all are doing well, send me an email suproot at gmai u know .com, I hope everything is going well and thanks for everything

DB said...

Determination helps and a puposeful stealing time away from something else. I start going through my blog list and get interrupted. Then I forget where I am. The carousel never stops. One has to jump on it when it's wildly spinning, which is confusing and then jump off of it, which is dangerous.

Ana said...

How are you?
I'm missing you.

natalie said...

hi Cathy! :)
I just noticed you commented on Cohen's book on my blog... thanks!:)
Historical fiction eh? Did you read the recent Mary Queen of Scots book (from this past year)? Like it?
Cathy the moon connection is something... I'm thinking that crop cycles could be somewhat mysterious too...Isn't that why Native Maercians had so many crop dieties? huh?
hugs my friend

Gina said...

Me, me, me. I have noticed. But have you also noticed that when J-Land kicked us all out and we had to get our butts over to Blogger that we LOST so many voices of our group?

I miss the old days. I am trying not to neglect my blog. I am posting again. I am doing a 30 day writing challenge to jump start my writing again.

I love FB for what it has brought to my life. But...I have found that I miss journaling and blogging.

So...I'm BACK!!!!