Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Question Everything

Did you make plans for the next life? I'm going to hope for the best and just show up, see what happens. There's one area of concern people talk about that makes me wonder about the myriad of possibilities I'll encounter once I shed this mortal coil.
Don't most people, including atheists, believe "something" incredible or just transcendent of human will occur? Most do, I'd say. We'll "see God" (not sure how) or "have wisdom" (still not sure how) Take the next step. Continue our journey. Some believe seeing a power beyond comprehension IS the journey. Anything's possible. God may be something directly out of us.  It may indeed, BE us.
Then again, it may be wearing space boots. You know the theory - God is actually our first ancestor, alien from another galaxy. Or we made "Him" up, gave it a gender (male) a species (human) an age (about 80?) to explain the thunderous roaring sounds our ancestors heard from the darkness as they huddled in caves. You can't discount anything, can you. And it's great because we're free to chose.

Certainly our ancient ancestors continued to create many gods and goddesses to explain the hard, harsh conditions, the fright of seeing a thunderbolt set fire to a primeval forest, or many millions of years later, watching a great river overflow its banks destroying a year's crops. As we evolved over millions of years, becoming more cosmopolitan and building our cities and pyramids, we created even more gods for everything we saw, good or bad. Humans are amazingly well-adapted to creating answers for our questions (fears?). It's rare to find someone who just admits "I have no idea". Everyone has them, crazed or sane. Everyone has an idea.
Just food for thought (always hungry) but what if some ancient civilization from another galaxy, whose home planet was dying, having mastered inter-stellar travel came to earth and perhaps about 3 billion years ago started to seed the earth, once it had cooled and stopped shifting? Could earth have been the new home of a race of advanced beings which have evolved into what we see in each other today? Don't laugh, THINK! Ok laugh, THEN think.

Is eart
h suited for life, or is life what causes earth to be suitable? O yeah, I already wrote about this. (Sorry, off-topic lol)
Back to us, when out bodies won't function anymore for whatever reason at whatever age, don't you wonder were all your wonderment goes? Your consciousness of things? How you see the world, your opinions, your dreams and feelings, beliefs? Are all these meant to be part of our physicality? If so, why do we bother thinking and dreaming, if it's all for naught?

Because living is all we know. Hence, the Mona Lisa.  See the connection?

If you can bring me irrefutable pr
oof exactly what will become of a life once it ceases, please email at once.
Being ALIVE is our first, best talent!! And part of it is using our brains to THINK to learn to be different artistic funny sad real pleasing stubborn generous loving questioning ... human.

Since that's all I really know, I'll leave the "afterlife" (what a misnomer) to the folks with letters after their names. I have my beliefs it's what makes me human, like you. I cannot affect death, only life. So I guess my one responsib
ility is TO LIVE.


Jeanie said...

I agree with your last paragraph Cathy.
It's great to see you are still blogging. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

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