Saturday, November 28, 2015

Did YOU Make That Happen?

Post from years ago I found in "Drafts" lol
Does time pass quicker than our brains can think about it happening?
OR: (and this is exciting) is it the reverse? Can our brain actually determine an event somehow before it happens, giving us what we always think of as just a touch of deja vu, but it's something else? Something more substantial.

Time was born first, because of space, and many billions of years later, we came along. With these brains. And something, some thing - is connected.
There's a "bend" in time. Like a rubber hose bent in the middle so the two ends can connect. Time seems to do that on occasion - connect present with future. They meet in the same time/space. It's happened to you, yes? Surely. Sometimes it's an hour, week, month, minutes, and it's not called coincidence but I wonder what that really is.
For no reason whatever, I'll think of an old commercial from childhood TV. Two days later I hear someone singing it in the hallway. Things like that. It happens to all of us. What is it? What?
I was thinking about Dante Alighieri and "The Divine Comedy" then forgot it. The next night a program about his life was on TV. A friend was telling me about her uncle dying of cancer in the hospital. Two weeks later I started a new book and early on a character is dying of cancer as his niece mourns. The old Patty Duke Show came into a dream, the next day a biography of Ms. Duke was on TV. I was thinking of making a contribution to my local animal shelter. Not long after I got a snail mail for shelter donations. A song I dreamed about was written a year later and played on the radio constantly. My brother laughed with me about how I should get royalties.

If time can "bend" imagine what space does. We know space is full of warps and wobbles, dark areas of nothingness with "holes" and "worms", maybe forms of transport - of thought maybe? We're
taking up a particular space in time right now, perhaps at your computer you're taking up time/space that you're meant to use tomorrow - will this effect what you do and see tomorrow, since you've already done it now? Is there an allotted amount of time/space for each of us and when it's over, we die? Are we meant to keep a kind of schedule, and if so, how did it come about? And why? These thoughts were in the future, are they past now because I released them? Or because of something else.This isn't about premonitions or "I've been here before" or "this seems familiar" it's more immediate, more incomprehensible. Many ancient cultures like the Maya and Egyptians seemed to understand something very basic and visceral about time. Why would you sing a song for no real reason that you hear an hour later on your friend's car radio? Did you do that?

What's a coincidence anyway?


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