Thursday, July 27, 2006

Answers to Kathy's "Tag You're It" Thingy

Okay, Kathy, I'm usualy terrible at these things, hence I'll jump in, and for those who haven't seen it, the original is in her Journal, try it !'sDay/

I AM an extremely curious person. 

I WANT to be believed.

I HAVE more than I need to live.

I WISH I could fly through the oceans of the world.

I HATE with great reluctance.

I FEAR pain.

I HEAR my name being called when no one's there.  (ut oh...)

I SEARCH for new wisdom in old books.

I WONDER why I cut my long, silky hair.

I REGRET growing up so fast.

I LOVE the idea of love and everything about it. 

I ACHE for fantasy lovers to come to life.

I ALWAYS check the door-knob 3 times before leaving.

I USUALLY give earned compliments.

I AM NOT sure of known theories.

I DANCE only in dreams.

I SING whenever possible and many times when not.

I NEVER prevaricate.

I RARELY have time to waste.

I CRY whenever I can, it's cleansing.   

I AM NOT ALWAYS light-hearted and cheery.

I LOSE anything I really need at the time.

I'M CONFUSED about death.

I NEED to tolerate the intolerable. 

I SHOULD help my dreams come true.