Monday, January 29, 2007

Continuing Tales from "Boring But True"

A bit more from "Boring But True" - but first, we pause now for station identification (lol if you're under 35 you won't recognize that - just baby-boomer trivia).

The brain can actually contemplate itself, and uses itself to do so.  No other organ can do that, think about it.  The brain knows more about itself than we ever will.   

The flowers of the fig tree actually grow inside the fruit.

There is no such animal as a "white" rhino, in color or fact.  It's a mispronunciation of "wide" which referred to the animals' mouth.  Some are very wide.  By the by, Rhinos have been here over 50 million years, hardly changing their look (except for a bit of wool).  We amazing humans haven't even made a half million yet - in fact, we barely made over a quarter million at 240,000,000 years.  And we're the smart ones. 

If global warming continues, within 30 years there will be no real ice left in the Arctic passage during the summer months.  

I'll be back (the most boring, but very true)!