Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Who's Reading Your Mind Without Glasses?

Could there be a slight chance, one you always suspected, that everything we do is somehow being marked, quantified, measured, noted, recorded, analyzed, and stored away for some unknown future use? And haven't you always kind of thought aliens have nothing to do with it? And haven't you also kind of thought our government feels well-served to keep us thinking aliens are up to something, just to take the focus off them? You know who I mean: our own alphabet agencies spying vigorously on citizens to lure us into thinking they're job is to spy FOR us AGAINST our enemies? If you've lived long enough you've no doubt come to a decision more like the reasonable one - it's in the best interests of those in power to stay that way - and what is most powerful? INFORMATION.

So information is either withheld or so distorted we can't form educated opinions and make sensible conclusions about our leaders and their cronies.

How many times have we been told alien life is hogwash and the delusion of ill minds, while our most brilliant and well-trained pilots, amongst other credible folks, eventually including Presidents, have seen amazing almost impossible visual feats in the air? The government lies to us on purpose for their own gain. If you're hiding secrets of another more dangerous kind, it would make sense to keep the spotlight off your deeds and on such a hot topic as UFOs. It's simple, you just deny deny deny - thay makes normal people think hey - they're lying I know they are, what's really happening in space? After several years of people demanding answers and the initiation of the FIA, we are given "Project Blue Book" which many of you have read years ago, confirming what we alreayd knew, that "other wordly" craft have engaged our own pilots in hostile maneauvers, have been videoed with high-tech equipment, duly poured over and analyzed, and the conclusion is of course, we're not nor have we ever been, alone. That's something to celebrate - but you should instead be worried.

Here's what this is about:

When the focus of what our government is up to gets turned around to something like UFOs, it's easy to forget things like unethical lawmakers in our congress, lobbyists who are owed favors by highly-placed politicians, the illegal tactics of our "watchful" (read spy) agencies, our police and armed forces, but mostly the eroding bit by bit of our civil rights, like our right to privacy in our own homes - did you know it's illegal to smoke in your own home in California? It's there, on the books I checked it out - a waste of time and money, a completely unenforceable law yet there it is. Why?

If you examine the tenets of capitalism it's nothing more than the assurance that the rich and poor stay exactly where they are. Where does this thinking always lead us? Again we're bankrupt because of unchecked greed, again the ones who'll pay the most will be those who have the least: the workers. The poor. There is no middle class.

If you truly believe none of your civil rights as voting taxpayers have been jeopardized in the last half-century alone, none of this should bother you. The stealing of your hard-won retirement funds being used to bail-out millionaire bankers won't bother you. The social security benefits you won't get at 67 because the SSA is broke won't bother you. A country slipping into third-world status won't bother you, and that's okay too. We've been brought up to think as long as we're okay, life is fine. Is it? Is life acceptable? Is life fine?




Ben said...

In a few weeks this will all change, Cathy. Oprah said so.

As for the extra-terrestrials, I heard someone say once that there are only two possibilities - there's other life in the universe, or we are the only life in the universe - and either one is enormously exciting.


Kate said...

Well said Cathy ... you are right of course. It is us, the ordianry people who need to wake up, stand up, take notice and make a difference.


pam said...

Hello my starlady. I am here at last!. I agree with you. I feel that everything is being monitored. Love Pam xx

Karen said...

Whew! that picture of the boy crawling on the sidewalk is the wake up call!

Trees said...

Hi my dear friend, I must agree that whether the martians are spying on us or our government we indeed have eyes looking at us. Our life as we knew it, has pretty gone well gone by the wayside. We at one time were secure in the fact that when we retired we would have SSI or retirment packages that were guaranteed. We knew very well what we did in our homes as long as legal was not questioned now everything is questioned and I do also feel that we are being watched. Great entry my friend, I do so hate the name blog.

EA said...

Things on the planet are fixing to become very strange. Up is down, and down is up. Meanwhile, most continue adrift stuck in front of their tvs, and distractions.

Keep up your awareness!

Raise vibrations!

And continue teaching through the means that you have.

Peace and Love!

MISSY said...

I think there is a lot that we don't know about. *M*

Big Mark 243 said...

You prolly have the best conversations!

Falling down the rabbit hole ... I'd ask what are YOU going to do about it, but you are doing it. You can get lost trying to follow the tangled web, and lost in the intrigues. Things get complicated when you begin to move beyond the third degree of thinking, which is why I chose to let others track the Illuminati and all the various secret societies that are hiding in plain sight.

The reason is that in the larger, macro -'what are you going to do?', is that like Utopia, true anarchy does not, and CAN NOT exist.

The end will come with a whimper, as it does with all things. All the wailing and gnashing of teeth will do nothing to change that.

Still, I am enjoying your posts, and I hope you don't mind my blowhard comments.

Patrick Leer said...

To quote another New Jersey thinker:
"That's life, that's what all the people say ...
But I don't let it, let it get me down,
'Cause this fine ol' world it keeps spinning around"

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Malagutigrrl said...

I've seen them with my own eyes. Drove right under (RIGHT UNDER) a ship. Oh yes, I'm a believer...

Diane J Standiford said...

The truth is out there...or is it in here? Or is it all just an illusion? We are all here then gone. at warp speed, passing stars that laugh a our ponderings.