Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rain Cannot Hide Tears

( Repost of 12/30/2008 )

How unusual, this odd fact - that even in storms of great rainfall, as you run to hurry hom
e, face wet with rain, passbersby can tell with certainly that you've been crying. Is it the downcast red eyes? the quiet sobs?

How is it complete strangers can detect our most personal expression of both grief and joy? When a stranger cries, why is our first second of response a slight discomfort?

We humans are completely frustr
ating illogical animals with both generosity and greed living in the same soul, we have hearts that can be broken then go off to break another's. Life to us can hold value, worth and mystery, while at the same time we seek to find a way to "kill the day". Just ... killing time.

We enjoy our place of honor as the only animal with self-awareness; we know when looking in a mirror that it's not another person, it's ourselves. And we enjoy knowing that.
What are we? The stuff of stars?
Deep quests for deeper posts . . . .


Missy said...

Nice topic... we are an amazing species. :-)

Anonymous said...

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