Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Cradle Me, Baby"

As I rush into your open arms,

collapsing in relief,

hold me to your happy heart

let not this time be brief.

We'll move in perfect motion

rocking gently to the sway,

as I trust you as you trust me

I will not give us away.

Cradle me within your heart

as if a newborn soul -

softy, with a quiet kiss

complete me - I am whole.

Stay with me to watch the night,

don't give in to sleep -

out in rolling seas of sky,

we're stars within the deep.

Come the dawn and brighter beams

we'll rest, as shadows harden -

I commit this crime of love

and you will always pardon.

By Catherine S. Rapicano January 6, 2008


Indigo said...

Serenely Beautiful....(Hugs)Indigo

MISSY said...

Now that was beautiful. Loved it.


Sheria said...

lovely and serene. Marc has started a literary blog over at

He's looking for submissions. You should send him something.