Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Ah yes, what better way to start a political post than a shot of Norma Jean? Not to put too fine a point on it but, most Americans are completey apathetic about who sits on the throne in Washington. Does it matter? Does our President really run the country? Do we care? Aren't we content to shut up as long as we're getting "ours"? And God bless me here comes the big one:
Maybe it's folly, voting. Pretending this all means something, like it hasn't already been fixed somehow. Lobbyists in Washington own most of the politicians we thought were watching out for our interests, they make the policies. We're just putting a figure-head in place, keeping our ritual safe and looking "democratic" but excuse me, it's just not ... acceptable?
But we accept it. I accept it. How did that happen?
Some Americans will simply withhold their vote this year in protest over having such a "non-choice" and I almost think they have a point. Almost. Perhaps it's Ralph Nader time again. What's the difference anyway? Our President just has to look presidential, isn't that half of why we vote a certain way? Just think "Ross Perot" and you'll get it. That man could've bought the damn election but he was just too short. No one believes you when you have to keep looking up to talk to folks. You know, like children. No one believes them, either.
Like you, I'm getting ready for the purgatory we're about to enter with the rest of the globe. Somehow, history must be gentle to this time, because once upon another time we seemed to have it almost right - we really did.
Until Dallas......


Lisa said...

Very interesting point Cath. I know quite a few people who don't or won't vote. They pretty much believe everything you've written, mostly that they are all liars anyway and the votes don't really count.

I vote, I am not happy with any of the choices this year but never the less I will vote.

I can't wait until it's over.

Lynne said...

I could not help but overhear my coworkers talking about voting in the "first" black president into office. They did not talk about his views on any issue, just the fact he would be the first "black" president. To which, I commented, but isn't he half white, too? Silence.

I don't get the reasons some people vote the way they do. But its their right and choice, because we are afterall living in a free democracy. Or are we more governed by the media hounds that twist the flavor of the day based on popularity and what will improve their network, or mediums bottom line...what will make them rich?

For myself, I take the time to review both candidates and have never completely agreed with all the views presented, but try to select the one that leans the most towards what I feel is important. I am thankful for the right to vote and even though it may land me in jury duty, which while may be interesting the first go round is not my favorite thing to do. I've been called at least three times. I guess we're busy in our county. LOL Have a great one, good post.

MISSY said...

I'm registered, but not voting.


To Lynn above me:
I've heard the same crap about voting in the first black president or the first woman president. What about voting in what they stand for?

Indigo said...

If only we could wear blinders and vote on the best policy without knowing who exactly came up with it. Then have the chosen one step forward after his policy won the election. This election is about our needs or this country, it's become about race and gender. Change is good...not having a reason for backing up that change...NOT so good. (Hugs)Indigo

ada said...

Hi.I like your picture and the way you express yourself; it flows so easily. I look forward to reading your journal ( i hate the word blog!)

Tressa Bailey said...


I dunno....I'm voting but I just dunno why....except that I still believe or at least want to believe that our vote counts, that we can change the world by our intelligent and well thought out choices.

Yeah I know how the electorial college works and no...I am well aware of political corruption...

Something inside me still holds on to hope though...something in me believes that we can fix this.

Malagutigrrl said...

Yes I am registered and yes I will vote. I've been voting since I was 18. I'm still a believer that every vote counts. And I'm an idealist who believes that one day we WILL get it right in spite of Dallas...

Mr Brainwhispers said...

These days its mostly about image or sleeze.
Over here most people wouldnt vote for Gordon Brown if an election came up because he is:
1. Scottish
2. Always looks grumpy.
3. Isnt media savvy.

Sadly thats the only thing most people are interested in these days.
Image is everything.
Style over content.

Stuart said...

Indeed until Dallas who can forget that........I hope you guys can get yourselves together and into the world again.

Sherry said...

I am register and I vote every election.and I email the hell out of my elected officails to the point that we are on first name basis I am one of the few who spends all my time making sure that they do all they are suppose to if you need help finding your voice check my archives and find your senate, congress and governor ....trust me the lobbyist only win if we keep our mouths shut email your elected officails make them work for you because beyond what people think we do still hold the power.

Gerry said...

I like a blog that starts off with the word 'political' because that tells me the person writing it has formed some kind of opinion which always delights me even if I don't agree with everything that person says. I am with the e-mailer among your commenters, you can make people aware that you are noticing what they do in office, you are registering what they say and have some feeling about it. I know your words were comforting to me in respoonse to my political blog. Gerry http://gerry-daughters-of-the-shadow-men.blogspot.com

Ben said...

I finally made it over, Cathy. It's great to read you again.

I heard Peggy Noonan say once that everyone has a president they consider to be their president. (Hers, of course, was Reagan.) It got me thinking about who my president is, and I decided it's the one Robert Kennedy would have been. I see you have a handle on who yours is too, and I'm not surprised you do.

Looking forward to reading more...

Remo said...

Chuckie sends his regards. It's all about the thinking, isn't it?